Shuozhou: “No naps” in the Year of the Tiger

2022-05-12 0 By

Recently, a reporter in the rural areas of Shuocheng District, Shuozhou City, found that many farmers are “busy with their spare time” in the first month of the lunar New Year, making careful calculations in advance for the New Year.Dai Qiang, a farmer in Xiatuanbao township, Shuocheng District, prepared funds for spring ploughing before the Spring Festival, and set up a rich “household goods” for the land.Before the Spring Festival, he just bought a high-horsepower tractor for more than 8000 yuan.As soon as the sixth grade was over, he went to town to see planters, rototillers and agricultural products.”These two big projects need a lot of money, so I will first look at the machine and discuss the price. I will buy these two things in 2022 anyway, so that it will be much easier to farm in 2022.”Nowadays, more and more farmers like Dai Qiang prepare enough supplies for spring ploughing in advance. They make use of the first lunar month to plan their plans for the year. They not only spend money on the table, but most importantly on the farmland.In 2022, jin Feng, a farmer in Shuocheng District, no longer had to worry about crowding into his village van to visit relatives during the Spring Festival. He drove his own car to town to pay New Year’s visits to relatives, which was easy and convenient.Jin Feng is rich by farming, in recent years he took to the road of wealth by planting vegetables, buy a car is a convenient: one is their own large farm machinery and tools, busy when the machine is broken to buy a part convenient, do not delay the work;Second, with cars, the scope of travel has been expanded, while their vision has been broadened, while enjoying the business opportunities can also be found.More and more farmers in Shuozhou are buying cars like Jinfeng.In recent years, farmers in Shuozhou have gradually become richer, with more money in their pockets. Color TV sets and refrigerators are not new things, and buying a car has become a new fashion.In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, many farmers have put “driving a car home” as the top plan for 2022. In the first month of the lunar New Year, some farmers who have a “car plan” have started to learn about the appropriate vehicle, price, performance and other information on the Internet, and plan to buy a car or farm vehicle as soon as the Spring Festival is over.”The Lunar New Year is a rare time for me to have a good time to learn about vegetable cultivation and expand my gardening plan in 2022.”Bai Zhenguo, a farmer in Jiazhuang Village, Shuocheng District, sits in his farmhouse reading a book without looking up.Just after the Spring Festival, the villagers put the village “farmhouse library” crowded to the brim, read materials, find technical knowledge……A thick science and technology knowledge upsurge here.Nowadays, it has become a new fashion for farmers in Shuozhou to learn science and technology during the off-season.Farmer Sun Xin said happily, “Last year I planted vegetables according to the techniques described in the book and became rich. My relatives admired me very much.In the Spring Festival of 2022, no one will play mahjong or visit each other. Instead, they will come here to read science books and plan planting plans in advance.”[Edit: Feng Ying]