Ren Jialun is rumored to play Chinese table tennis, which is ridiculed by netizens as inappropriate. Fan: You don’t know him

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Pay may not have a harvest, but do not pay certainly no harvest, have a dream to pay action, so it will harvest full, because of love so adhere to.Ren Jialun ren Jialun is a non-banko actor, because he loves music and dance, so he insisted on learning these in his spare time, finally realized his dream, entered the entertainment industry, started his own acting career.Ren Jialun’s later works were recognized by the audience through his early efforts. It is always necessary to stay true to his original aspiration. Or he was born to this stage and returned to his own place.Recently, rumors circulated online that he might star in “Chinese Ping Pong,” a sports-themed movie that focuses on a table tennis player’s fight against the odds.Is Ren Jialun not suitable for the role of Chinese ping-pong in the film?In response to the news, some netizens said Ren was not suitable for the role.Ren jialun’s fans suggested that the netizen might not know ren jialun, who had been practicing table tennis since childhood and was selected to the Shandong Provincial team at the age of 13. Later, she retired due to injury and left the sport she loved.Is he really not suitable for this role?An entertainer who knows the game of table tennis would be a better fit for the role than one who knows nothing about it.For a film and television work, only professional skills, no acting is certainly not good, sports sports film and television work, the requirements for actors are not low, acting should be combined with sports professional skills, in order to make the role more vivid, appealing, and recognized by the audience.Ren Jialun’s works in recent years are constantly updated. It can be seen from these works that he, who is not Banke, is better than some Banke artists in acting.Gradually ren Jialun’s works began to diversify, no longer limited to ancient puppets or modern idol dramas. A successful artist should act in different types of film and television works, constantly improve his acting skills, so as to gain recognition from more audiences.If he can act in this film and TELEVISION work, I believe many audiences will look forward to it. After all, the production of this kind of sports competition works is much more demanding than ordinary film and television works, and it is more likely to be broadcast on stars, which benefits more than harms the stars.This film mainly tells the story of ding Song, Ma Wengge, Wang Tao, Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui five athletes under the leadership of CAI Zhenhua, in the Tianjin World Championship fight back, from the plot of the story is full of positive energy.Writers Li Feng film is the film’s screenwriter Li Feng teacher, he was known as “imperial” writer zhang, his representative works have the audience familiar with the “hero” fearless “house of flying daggers” and so on, compared to other insecure writer, Li Feng teacher work also has many advantages, for he wrote of the film is worth watching.Directed by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, Deng Chao starred in Peter Chan’s American Dreams in China, which became the third highest-grossing Chinese film in the first half of 2013 with a domestic box office of 537 million yuan.Deng chao and Yu Baimei previously worked together in The Breakup Guru, Villain and Angel, galaxy Cram School, and this time they are old partners again.At present, the cast of this film is still worth looking forward to, I don’t know what you think about ren Jialun’s possible role in this film?Welcome to comment and discuss, thank you for your attention and forwarding, thanks!Bai Jingting’s micro blog is not free to comment?Xu Zhengxi hair dynamic shows that he is not cutting wood, interesting “Flying in my heart” is about to star broadcast?Meng Meiqi as Olympic athletes, and Xia Yu win glory for the country Tencent began to promote jade Bone Yao, will be broadcast?Net friend: VIP ready, hurriedly directed by Mr. Wong, ling feng, alex, Emily play purple shirts dragon king, play the play “super burning” Stephen chow a full of magical color of figure, his work is a comedy film ceiling statement: original text content, without authorization shall not be reproduced, pictures from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact your deleted, thank you!