800,000 bottles!The oldest bottled whisky in human history the Macallan was released in 81

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Scotland’s Macallan Distillery is one of The world’s leading whisky distilleries, owned by The Edrington Group.With its long history and high quality whisky, it is the first choice for whisky collectors to collect.In the past few years, a Macallan 1926 whisky has broken several world records for the price of a single bottle at auction, and occupied and occupied the top six places on the record list, a feat that is hard to be matched by any other whisky distillery.Previously, Generations 2021, launched by independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail (GM), is the oldest bottled whiskey in human history.G80) is an 80-year-old Glenlivet Distillery from The Scottish Glenlivet Distillery, aged from First Fill Sherry Butt 340 on 03/02/1940 and bottled on 05/02/2020.It is bottled with original barrel strength, with alcohol of 44.9% ABV, capacity of 700ml, and 250 bottles, and each bottle has a unique number. For details, see “True Face! 80 Years! The oldest whisky in human history comes on the market”.On 9th February 2022, Macallan announced The launch of The Reach (M81), a new whisky.The wine was made in 1940 in a sherry-seasoned oak cask and is 81 years old, 41.6 per cent ABV, with a capacity of 700ml and 288 bottles.The M81 comes with a bottle holder shaped like three hands holding the bottle, designed by sculptor Saskia Robinson.The three hands represent: 1. The mastermind of the Macallan distillery in the 1940s when M81 was distilled;2. Allan Shiach, chairman and CHIEF executive of Macallan from 1979 to 1997. His grandfather ran the Macallan Distillery from 1938 to 1947, when M81 was distilled;3. Kirsteen Campbell, McAllen’s current master winemaker, picked the original M81.M81’s official wine reviews are as follows: Colour: deep reddish-brown;Nose: Dark chocolate, sweet cinnamon, peat, plum, leather, pink grapefruit, red currant jelly and rich resinous aromas.What to drink: Syrupy toffee, blackberry jam, licorice, sugared ginger, nutmeg, roasted pineapple, pecans and wood smoked flavor;Finish: rich and rich, sweet and smoky.Apparently, M81 has surpassed G80 to become the oldest bottled whiskey in human history.The M81 has been on display and sold at the McAllen Distillery since February 09, 2022.The M81 will be sold in select and travel retail channels around the world in the future, with an official suggested retail price of £92,000, or about rmb800,000 at the current exchange rate.It’s not cheap, but the M81 may still be hard to find because there are only so many bottles available.Food Vision will keep an eye on M81 and will keep you posted with more information in the future.What does food Vision do?Watch global food videos and fashion news!