Remember the phrase “Welcome to China” at the opening ceremony?”Pink clothes little brother” Sun Zeyu tells the story behind

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Sun Zeyu, 21, a junior majoring in energy and engineering at Tsinghua University, was invited to the center of the Bird’s Nest, along with five other volunteer representatives, to be greeted by International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and all the spectators at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”This is the most glorious moment of my life.To receive such a high honor for doing something so small has made me understand more about volunteerism, which will stay with me all my life.””Sun Zeyu said.Sun zeyu’s “little thing” refers to his heartfelt shout of “Welcome to China” to US snowboarder Tessa Moder during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics as a model volunteer.Moder, 18, was so moved that she posted the video on social media, where it has received countless likes.Both Maud and Sun became Internet celebrities, with Sun nicknamed the “little brother in pink clothes” and Maud keeping in mind the friendliness and hospitality of Chinese people.She said tears welled up in her eyes every time she saw the video. “It was the cutest moment I’ve ever felt before.””We were on the sidelines doing the Welcome dance and interacting with the athletes. She (Moder) shouted ‘Ni hao’ in Chinese to the volunteers on the sidelines. My first reaction was’ Welcome to China ‘.When I saw her video the next day, I was also very moved.Really super touched, all the love because of the Beijing Winter Olympics together.The most memorable moments of my life were captured through her lens. I felt compelled to write her a letter. The natural kindness between people is the most beautiful thing.””Saying ‘Welcome to China’ was the most authentic voice in my heart,” Sun Zeyu (second row, left) wrote to Tessa Moder after he and his friends returned to the break room, still in a state of excitement.Thank you for capturing this moment on camera. It is the most unforgettable moment of my life.I sincerely invite you to come back to China when the epidemic is over, and you will find even more beauty in this country.I would like to be your guide and say ‘welcome to China’ again.”Since then, Sun zeyu and Maud have kept up an email exchange, sharing stories about their lives and enjoying each other’s brilliance, and their friendship has grown.Sun zeyu’s experience is also praised by his teachers and classmates, which makes him feel happy.On Feb. 17, he was notified that he would take the stage as a volunteer representative at the closing ceremony.”I’m just one of those hardworking volunteers who are lucky enough to be known for such a small thing,” he said.But I always thought I was doing a small thing, and the warmth behind it came from the smiles of the volunteers and the kindness that melted the ice.My so-called heat will eventually fade with the end of the Winter Olympics, but the friendship and love will last forever.That’s the best part of my volunteering trip.”Ze-yu sun participate in volunteer service in the future with expect to ze-yu sun, as volunteers, during the winter games like in a big party, always feel the different countries and regions, friendliness and warmth that athletes, and it is a constant process of transfer, he wants to go into more later of volunteer service activities.”I feel like volunteering is everywhere, big or small, and that kind of warm interaction is everywhere, and I really enjoy that feeling of passing on love and receiving love.””Sun Zeyu said.”As a representative of more than 18,000 volunteers for the Winter Olympics, standing in the center of the ‘Bird’s Nest’ to receive greetings and applause is the highest reward for volunteers.This is not for me personally, but for the whole community of volunteers.This experience gave me a deeper understanding of the meaning of volunteerism, and I am willing to incorporate volunteerism into my future life to become a messenger of warmth and love.”– Sun Zeyu Source: Zhao Xuan, Editor of Beijing Winter Olympic Journal, Process editor wu Yue