Something’s wrong with the Beginning!The episode was questioned about plagiarism, and the producers responded that all the songs were original

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Just finish the TV series “beginning”, played during the sowing quantity 1.4 billion, daily amount of up to 160 million, station TV heat top1 for 18 days, barrage of more than 25 million, so out of more than 1300, eight points douban, open in the first big play for real, personal, every play inevitably would appear all sorts of questions,”Start” is no exception even if the play has been packaged also of no help, friends always nagging, it is ultimately meet the things said it’s not a big, said small is not small, the audience of the long-awaited “beginning” TV series soundtrack on January 26th is launched, the album included 11 songs, song episode theme song, the rest are accompanied,Song all the lyrics by Wang Shilin, Jin Xuan composition, zhou deep, shine and essay respectively, the frequency is not high, but spread wide songs online has attracted the attention of everyone, someone listen to after the found of deja vu, after a search to find it and the supremacy of law in han drama episode so.we are similar, a net friend find and issued their own question,The rest of the net friend also follow suit said really similar, decided that beginning is in copy as is known to all, music circles put eight section is similar as plagiarism, we as an ordinary audience are mostly judged by listening to the melody, the conclusion is not true and false, for many people it is a wait-and-see attitude, but must have the so-called well-known rock band musicians to stand up and speak,He thinks part two songs of rhythm and melody is highly like, for example, say two song chorus motivation, grabbed the melody of the ear almost identical, transition string to write is the same, the unnamed industry insiders simple words and gives a conclusion, that is “Rebound” copied the so.we are to seek the truth,”All the songs including” Rebound “are the original work of the music producer, Nanjing Very You Culture Media Co., LTD.” She said she wrote the three songs independently during the production of the TV series and did not watch the Law of the Supreme.The makers of the show’s theme song, who have never heard it before, said:Plagiarism is original, no other things to respond like aside, there is evidence to prove that the songs of plagiarism can be directly steak score, hammer, no nonsense on the net is not very honest evidence, “the beginning” don’t lack most is black powder, because of the heat is too high to block the way some people don’t relax to buy black out, before beginning “abandoned”, after the “start copying”,Could yet pull not down, but more and more fire debatable plagiarism, this is not the first time that the show had cut out is do also had a, be approved from source code, there is a net friend give a good explanation, she said the two similar degree of the play is like the golden desire evil “and” Zhen Huan biography “, are ancient costume, GongDou, harem for princess,If this is plagiarism, what about other palace dramas?Before the company has been no response, the response to the still can save some losses, but effect is not too big, you can always believe in midday sun, if it really plagiarism would give a statement, not copy those rumors should also pay attention to your speech, the Internet is not outside the law, are responsible for their own words and deeds # # start episode production company denied plagiarism