After the Battle of Kinmen, sanitary soldier Hu Qinghe was captured and swam for 11 hours back to the mainland

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Modern period, the communist party and the kuomintang (KMT), has been chi bound, until 1949, when chairman MAO with the three big campaigns and crossing campaign is successful to Chiang kai-shek, the KMT people out of the mainland, though at the end of this battle is defeated Chiang kai-shek fled Taiwan ended, but go to Taiwan, Chiang kai-shek its ambitions to counter-attack the mainland still didn’t give up.In October 1949, a major armed conflict broke out between our army and Taiwan, the Battle of Kinmen.In order to win this battle, our army gathered three main regiments and launched more than 9,000 people to Kinmen. However, due to the lack of environment and preparation, our army lost the initiative, and a large number of our soldiers were captured by the Kuomintang.We thought that after the defeat at Kinmen it would be very difficult for the prisoners to return to the enemy camp, but just then one of the prisoners escaped from Kinmen.So who is this soldier?How did he escape from the enemy camp?What happened to him then?At the end of the three battles, Chiang Kai-shek stepped down and Li Zongren came to power. He tried to use the power of the United States and the Soviet Union to pressure Chairman MAO to agree to the idea of ruling the river.However, from the perspective of national unity, Chairman MAO refused to rule by rowing the river and resolutely sent the People’s Liberation Army to launch the battle of crossing the river. With the overwhelming attack of the People’s Liberation Army all the way, the Kuomintang army also suffered a crushing defeat and retreated.Then the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army came to Fujian and captured northern Fujian and the cities of southern Fujian. However, due to our lack of experience in fighting at sea and lack of air cover, we were not able to recover all the southern islands.In June 1949, the Kuomintang arrived in Kinmen and set up fortifications in an attempt to stop the people’s Liberation Army.In previous losing in the process of operation of the kuomintang, also forced red eye, at this time to see the golden gate battle to break out, also personally to Chiang kai-shek, total garrison commander, a general in the golden gate region, sent a a desperation, said he wants to keep the golden gate, golden gate cannot be missed this time, not only that, but said also specially to a general Chiang kai-shek,Do your job. Don’t resign.On October 15, the People’s Liberation Army successfully liberated Guangzhou, and two days later we liberated Xiamen.It was not until the early morning of the 25th that the PLA began to land in kinmen area. Originally, the PLA planned to transport one echelon first to land and then arrange the second echelon to land.But long before the PLA arranged the landing of the first echelon, general Tang Enbo, a senior general of the Kuomintang, had already predicted where the PLA would land.That night, according to the plan prepared in advance, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army (PLA) began to fire on the Ninggu area, but due to the long distance and other reasons, the PLA’s artillery attack power was limited.After some crazy entanglement, our army side very not easy in the situation of heavy casualties, broke through the line of defense, successfully landed, but this time our army sent to the ship, but because of the tide retreat all stuck on the beach.On the same day, the national party and the people’s liberation army again and again for the race here, but our side has not gained much benefit, the second day early morning, the people’s liberation army also sent to the rapid two support, but in the kuomintang people under heavy artillery fire suppression, our army was soon appeared, until the third day, also did not complete the plan of attack of the people’s liberation army, was to break into the sea.When the PLA ran out of ammunition and food, the Kuomintang army launched a fierce attack on our army.Oppressed by numbers and weapons, the entire people’s Liberation Army was wiped out. Our soldiers were either sacrificed or captured. The Kuomintang captured thousands of our prisoners.Originally the soldiers were captured by the Kuomintang, has no hope, but in this group of soldiers, but there is an exception, the soldiers not only with their own efforts to escape from the enemy camp, and also holding two basketball from the Golden gate swim back.The legendary soldier was named Hu Qinghe. Hu Qinghe was born in Hu Jia Village, North Shandong Plain in the fourth month of the lunar calendar in 1926. When he was born, the domestic situation was not good, so he lived a hard life when he was young.After seeing all the ruins of China, he made up his mind to change all this, but he did not know how to embark on the road to serve the country until February 1946, his life ushered in the dawn.That year, the communist party of the district squadron came to the village, and lived in the village for a few days, after seeing the Red Army soldiers, at the age of 17, he had the idea of joining the army to serve the country, pestering the members of the district squadron, to follow them.The original district squadron is not supposed to take him away, but looking at the boy’s eyes in the resolute vision, they can not bear to refuse, left the child.Later, they sent the child to the Second division of Texas, after several twists and turns, Hu Qinghe finally entered the five, and went to the East China Field Army, as a hygienist.Before joining the army, he had promised to our generals that he would not live up to their expectations and would win glory for the country.After entering the army, he fought in the front line just as he said, and made great contributions to the revolutionary cause. After entering the army, he successively took part in the Tai ‘an Campaign, menglianggu Campaign, Jinan Campaign, Huaihai Campaign, Crossing the River campaign, Shanghai Campaign and other campaigns, and achieved many successes.During this period, he not only took part in more than seventy battles with the Communist Party, but also won one major merit, one second-class merit and two third-class merit.After the founding of new China, hu Qinghe’s 6th Company, 2nd Battalion, 251st Regiment, 84th Division, 28th Army of the Third Field Army was ordered to go down to a fishing village on the north of Dacheng Island, where our troops were stationed, to prepare to launch an attack on Kinmen.Before the battle began, Hu Qinghe seemed to anticipate what general, specifically found his fellow liu Yushan, said to him, if he went to the battlefield this time encountered any accident, please he must be awarded the certificate, to his parents in his home.On October 24 of the same year, he followed the troops together on the road to attack Jinmen, after a few days of obsession, Hu Qinghe and dozens of wounded soldiers were surrounded by the enemy in the sea, seeing the enemy will be forced to come over, they also made a cry, sure enough, Hu Qinghe became a prisoner of the Kuomintang.After he was captured, he was assigned to the Kuomintang garrison of Kinmen and continued to work as a medic, where he spent his days in melancholy, waiting for the big army to come and liberate Kinmen so that he could go home.But he waited day after day, and the PLA still did not come, so he began to rely on his own ideas.In fact, it was not only Hu Qinghe wanted to escape, most of the communists who were caught wanted to run.In order to prevent the prisoners from escaping, the Kuomintang stationed a garrison around them. The garrison not only took away all the life-saving equipment, such as planks and wooden basins, that could float, but also shot many soldiers who tried to escape.Although Hu Qinghe is also very worried about his escape failed, by the enemy’s hands, but at the same time, he is not willing to spend in this place and the Kuomintang, so he began to plan his escape.There was only one way to escape from Kinmen to the mainland, and that way was by sea. But as a prisoner, he could not steal a boat from the Nationalists, so he decided to swim.Luckily, he thought, kinmen was not too far from the mainland, only a few kilometers away, and he could swim back if he could avoid being spotted by the Kuomintang.After determining the way to escape, he began to make a worry, although he will swim a little swimming, but before he is just at home in the small river fluttering looked at the boundless sea, his heart hung up again, in case he swam to half, did not adhere to the sea, this is not outweighed the loss?He had been looking for something to help him stay afloat, but after a long search, he was disappointed. There was not even a piece of firewood nearby.One day, he was watching others play basketball on the basketball court. After watching for a while, he suddenly thought that he could swim back with the basketball. But when he was ready to start with the basketball, he found that the Kuomintang had also discovered this loophole earlier than he did.At that time, the Kuomintang was very strict about basketball. In order to ensure that the basketball was not lost, they even adopted environmental protection laws.The so-called joint environmental protection law, that is to say, two special teams to keep the basketball, every five days of rotation.Because the two squads sent by the Kuomintang were random, and they also carried out the system of sitting together, so if the ball was lost, the two squads were jointly responsible, so the ball was always safe.However, for a variety of reasons, the company’s two balls were managed by hu Qinghe’s class, so he easily got two basketballs.But basketball alone is not enough, in order to swim across the vast sea, the weather is beautiful.Fortunately, while living in Kinmen, he got to know a resident of kinmen, and while talking to him, he learned the laws of the tides.As Hu qinghe later recalled, “The tides of Kinmen are regular, basically a small tide every five days and a spring tide every ten days. If I want to swim back smoothly, I have to look for the spring tide.Because the beach is more exposed at neap or low tide, he has a greater chance of being spotted.Everything back to the motherland so he has been silent, wait until August 3, 1950, he finally wait to escape the best opportunities, not only the advent of the spring day that day, and just turn his company takes care of the basketball, so he took advantage of the two classes when you are not in the dormitory, put two basketball for the gas, take out the rubber bladder to be floating with the tool.In order not to be seen by the rest of the company and to give himself more time to escape, he propped up the basketball and put it back in its place.Before going out, he flattened the ball and put it on the front and back of his abdomen and fastened it with a belt.With everything ready, he waited only to escape. That evening, while everyone was eating, he slipped out of the camp, pretending to go to the toilet, and followed a gully down to the sea.Seeing that the sea had covered the beach, he quickly blew the balls to the drum, then took off his clothes, took the two balls, and began to swim.But he had not been out long when he heard the sound of heavy gunfire in his ears, and he knew that the Nationalists had found themselves fleeing.He thought he would be doomed if the Nationalists sent speedboats after him, and he swam faster, thinking of his comrades who had fled and been executed.After a strafing of bullets, the Kuomintang did not continue other actions. Hu Qinghe swam alone on the vast sea for more than ten hours before he finally saw land in the distance.It was a very dangerous journey, but fortunately he made it back to the mainland, where he was spotted by a nearby sentry as soon as he landed.The sentry, looking at him from a distance, thought he had a bomb in his hand. He quickly examined him and was relieved when he found that Hu Qinghe was a captive.After returning, the party soldiers also examined Hu Qinghe and let him go home after learning that he had gone to the enemy camp and had not committed any acts of rebellion.After returning to the mainland, he also led a normal life, not only successfully married, but also fathered three sons, and in his old age he also led a happy life.It was not until years later, when the media reported on the incident, that the old man came into public view again.When the reporter asked the old man why he ran back through the front door at the risk of death, the old man told the reporter with firm eyes that even if given another chance, he would still make such a choice, although he knew very well the risk was high, but he would rather die than work for the Kuomintang.Compared with the prisoners left behind in Kinmen, Hu Qinghe was fortunate.In the war years, there are thousands of people like him for the cause of revolution, for the reunification of the motherland paid a lot of price, but the fact is also like Hu Qinghe said, they have never regretted their choice, he firmly believes that everything he has done for the motherland, is worth it.It is because of these people, the motherland can have today’s prosperity, but also look forward to Taiwan, this wanderer, can return to the arms of the motherland as early as possible, do not let the people on both sides of the straits in the suffering of wandering, do not let the tragedy of that year happen again.This is the end of the content, thank you very much for reading, like friends can like attention, we will see you next time.