Jing Tian copied his homework all wrong?

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Jing Tian copied his homework all wrong?Uncle: After the “Si Teng” small explosion, Jing Tian was expected to put their own star and coffee to jump up, but due to the lack of mature team assistance, coupled with huan Rui’s frequent docking problems, so finally Jing Tian did not seize this rare chance to turn the red.But with the department of cane do successful examples, scene sweet side also consciously found turn red advanced password, so the follow-up in numerous resources to arrive, chose another drama, city of light, but now in combination with heat and network information data, the play has been taken off the seal of planking, sweet scene not only have no a way through the “city of light” for their gold,It’s also because the show is increasingly perceived by the market as outdated, not worth the hype and expectation.”The city of light” unable to duplicate the success of the department of cane is actually the be clear at a glance, on the one hand, “the city of light” is just in the suit in “rattan” deliberately draws close, but the plot and people are extremely old dog blood, and the department of cane to the masses of feeling is completely different, in this case, the scene sweet copy of this assignment is essentially copied wrong;On the other hand, Xu Weizhou and Jing Tian is indeed no SENSE of CP, in this play, Jing Tian and Xu Weizhou whole shooting rhythm are not together, to say a word, the two men looked at more than Xu Weizhou with Jing Tian co-shooting, this BG drama men and women are not familiar, want to circle powder popular nature is a dream;And, while “the city of light” on the modelling to close by the department of cane as far as possible, but all things are can not again and again, even if the scene is still the same sweet touching mingyan, but less novelty, her beauty also can’t again into was in hot point to discuss, so sweet scene to against the old way out again it is not possible.Before the king sweet big resources, but how to play you can not remember her, now we have to remember her, she has no good resources to help their rise, this is also a kind of atypical “born at the wrong time”!Disclaimer: text and text from the eight diagrams mengbi fruit, the views of the article only represent the author’s views, does not represent the number of views, copyright belongs to the author all, if there is infringement, please contact deletion.