Vogel: Coaching Lebron makes me proud that we’ve been trying to be a team worthy of him

2022-05-16 0 By

April 9 – Lakers coach Vogel today accepted the media interview, in the interview he talked about James.”In my opinion, he’s the greatest player ever,” Vogel said of coaching James. “I’m extremely honored and proud to have been a part of his career.Obviously everyone would like to see him win one or more trophies at the end of these seasons, that’s all that matters.”When we fell short and missed the playoffs, I understand the disappointment, the fans, the owners, all the coaches and players who put in the effort, but the biggest disappointment is definitely Lebron himself.I’ve put a lot of work and emotion into coaching this team, but I’ve always had that mindset of ‘Let’s be the team that deserves the opportunity that lebron has given everybody. Let’s be the team that lebron has given everybody.'”(Best 15th person)