Chen GUI, Lu Chunlan seize “good opportunity” to find “Money scene”

2022-05-17 0 By

Rural News (fang Tong, correspondent Chen Xiangdong) April 6, Daye City Chen Guizhen Yuan Fu village Chunlan family farm, unmanned aerial vehicle hovering over the rice and shrimp field, pellet feed have fallen into the field……”It’s so convenient to use a drone!”Lu Chunlan, head of the farm, sighed that his 400 mu of rice and shrimp field, before relying on manual feeding crayfish, need to hire four skilled hands, spend an afternoon to complete, labor cost several hundred yuan, now the drone fly several times on the field, less than two hours to complete.It saves time, money, and precision.Lv Chunlan then introduced, “the drone cast feeding, evenly spread material, crayfish do not have to forage around, on the ‘meal’ to open the mouth of the good day, eat well, grow fast, more importantly, the feed is crayfish timely eat, do not waste, also do not pollute the water.These days, more than 400 kilograms of crayfish are sold every day.”Grow grain for many years, Lv Chunlan’s biggest feeling is, agriculture “money” scene depends on mechanization.To this end, she spent nearly 300,000 yuan in recent years, bought 5 unmanned aerial vehicles, not only for the rice and shrimp field feeding, but also for sowing, fertilization, plant protection, etc. Last year, the farm 400 acres of rice and shrimp field per mu yield of grain more than 1000 catties.”These drones also flew to Yugan, Jiangxi province and other places for service. Last year, the service area was more than 70,000 mu, and the service charge per mu was 8 yuan, making more than 500,000 yuan.”Lv Chunlan said happily.