Jia County: Play the “banjo” in rural living environment

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Henan Economic newspaper reporter Gina correspondent Zhang Hongyu “concentrated remediation of the living environment since the special class to promote, the town leadership almost every day to the village, every day to carry out the supervision of the living environment renovation work.In just a week, our village has changed a lot. The streets and lanes are neat and clean again.”Recently, Jia County Hall town Guo Zhuang village Party branch secretary Guo Jianjun said.”Since the county rural living environment centralized remediation action, Tang Jie town together, to build a better home.At present, guozhuang village and other 10 first batch of special classes to promote the village has been basically renovated to standard, the initial realization of clean and orderly.”Tang Street town deputy secretary Li Yanfei introduced.Jia County solid rural residential environment improvement work, is a miniature to carry out the “ability and style building year” activities.Jiaxian takes building “ecological livable” beautiful countryside as the goal, focuses on the satisfaction and happiness of the masses, and regards improving the rural living environment as the “touchstone” to test the cadres’ ability and style construction.Through playing the “lead, fine, grasp, live, new” banjo in the rural living environment, we will continuously consolidate the ability and style construction.Turn thinking, implement the linkage of cadres and groups, and work hard in the word “lead”.County four leading groups, the township party and government, the county straight units of the main person in charge have walked into the countryside, take the lead to participate in voluntary labor, play the “lead wild goose” effect, bear the brunt, take the lead by example, one heart and one mind, forge ahead.Guide organ cadres, village level bao village secretary, village team, village “three committee” cadres, play the vanguard role of the Party organization, build a solid bastion, do a good job “commander” and “combatant”, condensing heart gather force new chapter.The League and county Committee of Jia County, women’s Federation, Education and Sports Bureau, Federation of Industry and Commerce, market supervision Bureau and other units have issued proposals to members of the Communist Youth League, women, students, business owners and enterprises throughout the county, and actively participated in supporting the improvement of the rural living environment in different ways and in different forms.Through “get” the effective implementation of the word, the county in rural housing cadres and workers, back to the village renovation of old houses, cleaning outside the courtyard, before the house after the house, set an example for the implementation.Change the style of work, implement grid management, in the word “fine” out of action.Jiaxian issued the implementation plan of “Five Beautiful Courtyard” creation and evaluation activities, formulated conventions, took the village as the unit, set up management team, gave full play to the “her strength” of the left-behind women, decorated the countryside with “small beauty” and drove “everyone” to release the new vitality of the countryside.Each villages and towns (street) to plan as a whole management, in accordance with the “reasonable blocks, grid management, personal proportional amount, normal supervision”, the working train of thought of combining the reality of county-rural, build “net” science, service into the “net”, system pipe “net”, and determined the long grid, the grid, implementation of personnel, to determine responsibilities, location, time period of the “fixed” cleaning management mechanism,Promote the transformation of environmental regulation from single to interactive, extensive to detailed, and sudden to normal, so as to achieve a clean, beautiful and livable environment both inside and outside the courtyard and village.Turn the way, the implementation of street governance, in the “catch” word on the real case.According to the management idea of “full coverage, refinement and long-term”, on the basis of full investigation and investigation, responsible street (lane) length was set for each street and lane in the village.The “third party Committee” of the village, the group leader and party members serve as the chief of the streets and lanes. The “ownerless” streets (lanes) are equipped with “butler”, practicing the “front-line work method”, implementing the management mode of the third party committee “taking the lead”, the branch “blowing the whistle” and the party members “reporting for duty”.Jiaxian firm governance through tree “backbone”, strengthen the work “driving force”, the use of good “scale” of the people’s livelihood, the long streets “lump” management, the environmental problems found, corrective, acceptance, consolidate, management, real (lane) long “street” from verbally, file into practice and action,We will solve a number of sore points, bottlenecks, and hot issues of public concern, replace addition with subtraction, realize micromanagement of environmental improvement, and move the upgrading of the rural living environment onto a fast track.Tree direction, the implementation of policies due to the situation, in the “live” word.In view of the new ideas and good practices emerging in the county’s observation and evaluation of Qianxiewan village and Huangnan Village, we organized the members of the township (street) group, the first secretary of the village, and the cadres of the village “third Committee” to conduct field study, looking for gaps, learning experience, and making up shortcomings.Give full play to the role of the bond between nostalgia and homesickness, attract and cohesion of local elites, successful people and migrant workers to give advice, donate money and materials, participate in and support environmental remediation.Actively promote the “one courtyard into three gardens” (vegetable gardens, orchards, gardens) action, level and invigorate the idle land in the village, in front of the house and behind the house, the corner, guide farmers to suitable planting rape, make it become a new green in winter.We will carry out the “Clean Home party members first” campaign, collect people’s opinions and suggestions face to face, and solve the difficult problems of living environment improvement point to point.For in the harvester, rotary tillage work at, rural agricultural machinery and implement of bulldozers and excavators, idle, life sundry roadway taking-up put, hinder the villagers to traffic problems, reasonable location, flat land, the construction of farm machinery parking bays, neat, orderly management, rural residential environment renovation of crack bottleneck, transfer the returning students, volunteers and militia in every way,A combination of measures will be taken to improve the living environment.Turn model, implement perfect mechanism, seek breakthrough on “new” word.We will support qualified enterprises and rural organizations in undertaking environmental remediation and subsequent management and protection work, with government procurement of services as the starting point, and increase social participation.Clean-up pledging conference, the implementation of the “four” (” beautiful homes “sharing commission was established, division of village cadres” SanWei “living environment renovation of responsibility, to set up the environment regulation” householder “party members, set up the environment regulation ShiFanGang) work mechanism, actively carry out” one person one season five yuan surcharge “activities, to explore clean-up normalized and effective mechanism,We will improve community-level governance capacity.At the same time, on the strength of cohesion, we carry out activities such as “eating from the same pot with the masses”, “linking hearts” and “linking minds”, so as to pool our wisdom and wisdom, strengthen the relationship between cadres and the masses, and forge strong synergy.In the renovation of the promotion, to break the traditional observation barriers, the use of observation and unannounced visits, towns and villages, random and recommended “three combination” way, group assessment, field view, real grasp, site scoring, promote the county environmental concentration remediation work set foot on a new level, achieved new results.Up to now, the county has cleaned up the garbage, with 37870, 4780 cleaning rural sewage, 1336 pond ditch, the remediation of 28,684 disorderly put, disorderly build 5359, 3172 ruins, “hollow courtyard” 2521, the remediation of deserted homestead, idle land 2696, the regulation of market town 259,There were 5808 billboards and columns, 25,696 meters of hardened roads, 282 villages were afforested and 980 street lamps were installed, which promoted the jiaxian rural residential environment improvement from “dirty, disordered and poor” to “clean, beautiful and beautiful”.