Well done Evergrande!You said I would invest in you!You said soccer catches dolls, I’ll catch them for you

2022-05-17 0 By

On February 19th, the message that Evergrande will continue to play football was sent out. After many journalists broke the news, Evergrande will continue to play football. Evergrande has not given up on football.Xu Jiayin at the club meeting, guangzhou team positioning is the cradle and platform.Instead of quitting, Evergrande recently registered a club called Guangzhou Hengyue, which will take over the younger school players so that all of evergrande’s kids can play professionally.Since the FOOTBALL Association is desperate to limit salary, Evergrande also does not hesitate to limit salary, evergrande first team announced a new salary limit standard, the industry said that this is really low enough, should make some people speechless.It is true that evergrande was the most active in helping Chinese football to win two Asian Champions League championships when some people called on enterprises to invest in football.No one said anything bad about it.Now it is said to restructure and restrict salary comprehensively, Evergrande not only continues to cooperate with the youth, but also does not relax, and sets up another club. In this way, both Evergrande clubs use the players cultivated by their own football schools, the outside world has nothing to say, right?Those who criticize Evergrande football every day, in fact, their club does not have any youth training, their echelons are bought by others, is that right?Facts have also proved that Evergrande did not fail in the end, because evergrande opened its own football school when it entered the professional league, and now evergrande is still alive despite salary limits, which further explains that Evergrande has been engaged in youth football.Football, it turns out, is not a public good. Professional football requires capital. You just can’t play!