“Chongqing 2.18 bid Courier” the highest float down 51.05%!Congratulations to Chongqing Xuchi and other enterprises winning the bid!

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As of 00:00 on February 18, 2022, the total number of public bidding for construction projects in Chongqing is 25.Today’s winning bid price fell more than 15 percent of the project is 13.Below, xiaobian through the use of construction database query to real-time updated bid-winning information, for everyone to sort out today’s TOP5 bid-winning units:Among them, ranked the first is Sichuan Kaiyi Construction Engineering Co., LTD., won the bid of yunyang County Nixi River comprehensive management project on the Junjiaba section, the highest price of the project is 8,434,206.97 million yuan.The floating rate is 51.05%.The project is located in Longjiao Town, Yunyang County.The dredged junjia dam section of Nixi River is 5230m, the length of treatment project is 430.3m, the dredged amount is 422448m³, the reinforced gabion cage is 4338m³, the oar masonry is 4075.8m³, the sand and gravel cushion is 1310m³, etc.Congratulations to the bid-winning unit!In addition to the above five lowest winning units, today’s winning of each project is how it?Tips: The data in this paper are provided by the construction Database friendship, the data is from the official website of chongqing major public resource trading center, the information is real and reliable.If your enterprise has won the bid, xiaobian will congratulate you on not winning the bid!