Financing cattle to accelerate product development, the core technology received tens of millions of dollars of angel + financing

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Official news: The core Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. completed tens of millions of dollars of angel + financing.The lead investor is Qiming Venture Capital, followed by Yuanhe Puhua, Cloud nine capital, Cloud xiu capital.This round of funding will be used to accelerate technology product development and market expansion.The Core technology is a universal intelligent computing chip solution provider, mainly committed to the development of universal intelligent computing system compatible with ARM instruction set, to provide chip products and universal computing one-stop solution.The company has strong technical accumulation in CPU core research and development, SoC (System on Chip) and full stack software development.The company was founded by Sun Wenjian, the former head of AMD’s customer customization department in China, who has more than 20 years of EXPERIENCE in THE CPU industry. The team also includes members with rich experience from Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and other big companies.It is reported that the chip products of this core technology have entered the engineering design stage.It is reported that in the future development of this core technology will first focus on the application of notebook, desktop, high-end tablet PC, VR/AR and other scenarios of terminal general intelligent computing field.After that, it will gradually enter the fields of metasexes, edge computing, cloud computing, high-performance general computing and so on, in order to break through the bottleneck of existing solutions and create a high-performance, low-power and complete computing power platform of end-to-end cloud integration.What is the next step of this core technology?In the future, the chips of This core technology will be implemented around high-end tablet computers, PCS, desktops, AR/VR and other application scenarios, and gradually expand in the field of edge computing and cloud computing in the long term. The goal is to create a complete computing platform with high performance and low power consumption of end-to-end cloud integration.What is the rationale for the investment?He Zhiqiang lenovo group, senior vice President, throws the President, said the core technology team is one of the few on the market at present mainstream high-end chip experience all organizational system team, while lenovo has nearly 40 years of experience in the field of intelligent computing, we will and the core team in technology research and development of science and technology, talent and docking, product landing close relations of cooperation.Lenovo will help this core technology drive the evolution of the global society towards a new generation of intelligent computing.Song Chunyu, vice president of Lenovo Group and senior partner of Lenovo Venture Capital, pointed out that digital large chips are not a small challenge to team capabilities.The core technology team not only has world-class experience in architecture, hardware, software and ecology, but also has dozens of top professionals in the industry who complement each other from overseas to China.Ye Guantai, partner of Qiming Venture Capital, analyzed that with the rapid popularization of mobile Internet, as well as the upgrade of software architecture brought by cloud computing and artificial intelligence, basic hardware is bound to be based on fully popularized mobile devices, forming a new unified trend.This core technology is an important part of the current round of semiconductor technology upgrading.Business road create cast net to this financing to make why evaluation?Business road venture investment network founder Wang Shuai view:The core team is a top senior technical team, experience an average of more than 20 years, the team members, for technology, products, markets, ecological, in-depth understanding of the financing will speed up the core technology product development and market development, I wish this core technology in the future to build end cloud integration of high performance and low power consumption is full force platform.Copyright: Business Road Venture Capital & AMP;Commercial financing cattle past contents which invite you to read commercial venture network jiangxin won the “2021 China ten outstanding economic innovation women” title financing 丨 carbon neutral digital solutions provider, carbon equilibrium technology for cattle 丨 carbon neutral digital angel round financing solutions provider, carbon equilibrium technology for cattle 丨 angel round financing strategy layout iot security,Letter Great Wall into tens of millions of B++ round of financing # business venture capital network · investment and financing news #