From the first trial to the third trial, what did Xu Min experience?Soldier Yao: We hope to ‘find out the truth’

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Introduction The long-awaited third trial is coming, without any warning, everything is so sudden.It might have been hard to believe that the third trial would have begun had the two parties not gathered in Kaifeng, Henan province.The third trial is different from the first trial and the second trial, they have been announced in front of the news came to support the fans will be packed around them.Talking about 28 years of mistaken life, it sounds like a simple case, but it is not a simple case.Those who let a person be suspicious above all is the child that contains genetic second liver and the healthy child in other people’s home produced exchange, the clue inside can be seen with a clear eye.Let alone wrong change or steal, in the process of searching for relatives, the attitude of both sides is not the same, it has decided who is the one who pays the most on both sides, do not need to care too much, but the result is not so beautiful.From the first trial to the third trial, what experience Xu Min and Du Xinzhi have also raised the wrong son for 28 years, healthy children and unhealthy children pay efforts are completely different.If you simply raise a healthy person, you only need to be accompanied by money and family members. Both Yao Shibing and Xu Min are public officials, so they do not need to go away to seek a living.After all, they all have decent jobs and can live a well-off life.And have the time to be around and watch them grow up.They can also enjoy the happiness of the family, but for Xu Min these have become expectations and mirror images.Now the family is separated from each other, every time can only small long vacation in a hurry to reunite and separate, let a person really feel pity and regret.They are now simple appeal, it is human nature.Xu Min accused the most is to be able to investigate the truth, whether because of liver cancer died yao Ce, or alive was changed the fate of Yao Wei, pragmatic and to debate hypocrisy is always right.Money is of course very important, in the case of human life, yao Shibing and Xu Min did not change their original intention, their appeal is to know why they have to endure and 28 years of disaster.These are also human nature, both netizens and the masses hope to be able to eliminate the false and retain the true.Guo Xikuan and Du Xinzhi show, is to hope that this thing calmed down as soon as possible.At the beginning of fermentation, they did not expect the network to have such a big influence, the ostrich policy is adopted, of course, in their view, there is also Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer advice.They tried to bring the two sides to an agreement, but it didn’t work out as they had hoped. Instead, they went into the abyss.As the defense lawyer of both sides, he played a role in persuading and guiding both sides to make peace. At the beginning, he told them not to speak out easily on the Internet and to deal with the family conflict between the two sides in part, so as not to hype it into a hot event.It is difficult for both parties to stop, only to move on, the people around play a key role.There are always some people who try to launch Internet violence and complaints on the Internet. At first, xu Min insiders posted family chat records on the Internet, and netizens persuaded them to delete these chat efforts.However, some netizens with quick eyes forwarded the screenshots on the Internet, causing public opinion to be increasingly out of control, people with ulterior motives continue to tease the contradiction between the two sides, thoroughly intensified the launch of network violence.Yet even in this situation, some people have a purpose.Stop Yao Ce, dislike to find the truth, there is also do not want to take the initiative to return the house and medical funds, resulting in fruitless negotiations.Xu Min launched a complaint on the Internet, said to his debt in the end is for what, everything is so unspeakable, find the truth in the end where there is wrong.Why do some people hold back, as the two sides of the further escalation of conflict, there is no room for maneuver.They wanted to let Yao Ce go gracefully, but it didn’t work out.Yao strategy hope to be able to live to understand what was being change, but he was afraid to steal once sit, that his biological parents after in great trouble, in this kind of dilemma under the situation of, let her look particularly hard and struggle, the final result not to be, only with regrets angrily, yao policy between the two sides also made efforts toOf course, there are moments of passion.He doesn’t want to both sides parents ploughs, when faced with a huge differences and interests, he was pale, everything is as the heart is unable to do, only angrily to death, the result let a person very sorry, after yao policy made a very regret, there is about behind him, real estate disputes to the theory of fault in and steal.Real estate Yao Ce hope to return, and told the biological parents to give their children a security.However, some people want to live in Gansu and Sichuan, but want the house in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province, but do not want Yao Wei to live in Zhumadian, Henan Province.In the chicken fly dozen of time, the net friend can’t sit down completely, they launched a encircles and destroy to Xiong Lei, she faces the pressure of huge public opinion and net friend, did not flinch but is on the wrong road walk more and more far, her meaning is to have to buy home appliances and furniture, if cent is also equal and so on.Xu Min obviously does not agree with this point of view, can only be through the lawsuit to deal with this case, the dispute of real estate has not been decided, the two sides have broken out many disputes.From the Internet violence to the physical conflict with the Yao xu family, there is no doubt that the whole case is not simply to find the truth, but evil and justice, who is right and who is wrong, both sides do not give way.Most netizens and the masses choose to support Xu Min through legal means to return to their own property, Xiong Lei also not to be outdone to choose to answer the lawsuit.In the search for the truth and the outbreak of real estate disputes did not last long, some people rightfully belt people to Xu Min unit theory and find things, unit leaders let Xu Min temporarily avoid the edge, that time xu Min’s pressure is particularly large.In addition to the physical threats there is the pressure of work.They called out those who were not afraid to wear shoes without feet. If they did so again, they would not be polite. Xu Min had to go to work in the company accompanied by her relatives for a long period of time, because she did not know when the threat would come.Summary of the facts once again proved that they did not think much about their worries, because kaifeng uncle’s wife and children involved in this lost their young lives, this result is unacceptable to everyone.The soil of the new grave was not yet dry after the addition of two graves.Yao Xu two families thoroughly stood out, will find the truth to the end, once again let them firm confidence.In order to support the evidence to the forehead, has been on the road, this perseverance let everyone support them as always, anyway, who is looking for the truth to support who.