Officials reported the situation of “woman with eight children” : she had obtained a marriage license and was not trafficked

2022-05-18 0 By

Fengxian county party Committee and the county government quickly set up a joint investigation team to carry out a comprehensive investigation after discovering that netizens reflected the information about a woman giving birth to eight children, according to the news released on January 28 by the Public wechat account of Fengxian County.After the preliminary investigation verification, netizen reflects the woman is Yang Mou Xia, in August 1998 and Fengxian Huankou Town Dong Mou min get a license to get married, there is no trafficking behavior.Family members and neighbors reported that Yang often beat children and elderly people for no reason.According to the diagnosis of medical institutions, Yang is suffering from mental illness. At present, he has been treated and his family has been further assisted to ensure a warm Spring Festival.The details are under further investigation and verification.Daily economic news Comprehensive Fengxian issued wechat public account to report daily economic news