I also want to buy serious disease insurance plus fees: working mother diagnosed breast cancer, serious disease insurance nearly million compensation

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Hello everyone, I’m Wenzi, a small financial blogger who writes interesting articles carefully.Today I want to share with you one of our insurance claims stories.01 Insurance our customer little sister in the workplace, is a successful career women;She was also a gentle and strict mother at home.In 2019, when Internet insurance was not widely known, she actively learned about “Internet insurance”, a new issue.In addition, she recognized the concept of “low premium leveraging high protection” and “preparing for future risks”. Therefore, she chose a serious disease insurance product of Ruitai Life Insurance for herself.At that time, the amount of serious disease insurance is 600,000 yuan, and I chose 20 years of payment to ensure that I am 70 years old.Not long after the insurance, the customer’s sister was hospitalized for low back pain and was diagnosed by the doctor as “kidney stones”.Kidney stones are diseases of the urinary system caused by abnormal accumulation of crystalline substances (such as calcium, oxalic acid, uric acid, etc.) in the kidneys. They occur more often in men than women.If kidney stones are small, they are not difficult to cure. Drink plenty of water and skip around. Kidney stones can be passed directly in the urine.But if the kidney stones are too large, they can lead to other urinary problems over time, which may require medication or surgery.Kidney stone wants to buy the word of serious disease risk is not troublesome actually, want kidney function to be normal only, do not have urine protein + reach above or urine occytic blood ++ reach above, a lot of serious disease risk product can be protected with standard body.But if the situation is more serious, the insurance company in order to prevent risks, will be in the time of insurance restrictions.Because this hospitalization, let our customer sister also thought a lot — this hospitalization is only a minor problem, did not cost much money, and there is no pressure to bear.But in case of a serious illness, 600,000 serious illness insurance amount, still enough?There is also, in order to “cost-effective” before, choose to protect the version of 70 years old, but after 70 years old how to do?After thinking about it, the customer sister decided to give themselves some more insurance.But because be in hospital this had “kidney stone” this diagnosis, the mood when client little elder sister protects again is very perturbed, fear can be rejected by insurance company protect.Left and right and so on, the customer little sister and so on to the insurance company “add cost underwriting” this conclusion, she firmly said: “even add cost I also want to insure!”The customer’s little sister’s second serious disease insurance is a serious disease insurance product of Fosun Prudential. She chooses 300,000 yuan, which is also guaranteed for 20 years for life.In September 2021, the client’s little sister was found by the doctor to have a nodule in her right breast during the routine physical examination of the organization.Because she felt pain only when pressing, she did not have any other discomfort at ordinary times, so the doctor suggested that she go to a specialist in a third-class hospital for further examination.Our customer little sister did not dare to delay a moment, immediately to the third grade hospital for mammography examination and pathological puncture examination.Never thought, this check, actually diagnosed a malignant tumor.After pathological examination, the client’s sister was diagnosed as invasive breast cancer. Fortunately, it was found early without lymphatic or distant metastasis.I used to think cancer was so far away that I never thought it was related to me overnight.After sorting out some chores, the customer little sister made contact with little Wenzi.We set about preparing two critical illness claims together.After receiving the customer’s sister’s claim demand, xiaowenzi immediately sent the list of information required for claim settlement, including claim application, discharge report, operation record, pathological results, copy of ID card, copy of bank card, hospital bills and expense details, etc.Told the little sister to prepare one by one according to the list, so as not to omit.In the customer little sister to prepare claims materials, wenzi prepared the list of information in advance, so that our customer little sister only need to prepare materials according to the list.Any problems encountered in the process of claims, such as how to fill in, how to mail information and so on, small text son also gave guidance, let the little sister less detour, save worry and effort.After the customer’s little sister prepared the materials and confirmed that the information was complete and correct, we sent the claims information to the insurance company for review.As two insurance companies are involved in serious illness claims, some original documents have been mailed to Company A, but Company B also needs them.During the period, xiao Wenzi continued to follow up the progress of the insurance company claims, claims for the smooth fight for time.Additional, as a result of manage compensate involves amount taller, and be out of danger in the short term after cast, because this insurance company still undertook visit investigation.At the beginning of October 2021, Fosun Prudential reported that the fact of our customer’s little sister’s insurance was correct, in line with the provisions of the insurance contract, and reached the claim standard.On October 9, little sister received 300,000 yuan of compensation.On October 19, The claim of Ruitai Life insurance was also completed and 600,000 yuan was paid.After the claim, even the customer sister said that without the professional assistance of Xiao Wenzi, she may have to go back and forth to the hospital and communicate with the insurance company for many times…This is still very difficult for her for the first time.Looking at the customer sister’s praise and affirmation, Xiao Wen Zi also felt full of motivation.According to the data of the World Health Organization, the number of new cases of breast cancer in the world in 2020 was as high as 2.26 million, which exceeded the 2.2 million cases of lung cancer.Breast cancer has overtaken lung cancer as the world’s leading cancer.You know what?Although breast cancer is the female common cancer, but breast cancer is not the exclusive of the female!According to statistics, China’s male breast cancer patients account for about 1% of breast cancer patients, mostly in the elderly.The symptom of inchoate breast cancer is not obvious mostly, often with breast bump, breast skin abnormality, nipple overflow fluid, nipple or areola abnormality and other local symptoms are given priority to.Thirty-seven percent of women said they were the first to detect signs of breast cancer through self-examination, with lumps being the most common symptom of early breast cancer, the survey said.Early discovery, early diagnosis, early treatment, to the prognosis of breast cancer, really very important!Finally, I want to talk to you about insurance claims.Are “small insurance companies” slow to settle serious illness claims?Is insurance bought on the Internet unreliable?Is insurance company looking for reason not to compensate when managing compensate?Of course not.”Big insurance company” also does not necessarily settle claims quickly, “size” has nothing to do with “fast”.”Big insurance company” manage compensate is to see a contract like, not what compensate.Each insurance contract, the limitation of claim is clearly stipulated: after the claim data: the first time to review whether the data is complete data is not complete: must be within 3 days and inform the applicant of the need to fill the data is complete data: if the claims do not meet the conditions, the need to issue a notice of claim rejection within 3 days;If the claim conditions are met, the claim notice shall be issued and the insurance money shall be paid within 10 days