Psychology explains why Couples break up more often on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day arrived, a couple on the road in a fierce quarrel with girlfriend sad to the boy said: “Valentine’s day so important holiday, you neither send a gift, also don’t give me a red envelope, you don’t care about me!”Her boyfriend is also very wronged but justly said: “I just want to use the sincerity and action to express your feelings, do not want to mix too much material, because that feeling is not pure!”Quarrel as a result of the couple in this valentine’s day should be used to express love, enhance the feelings of holiday break up such a couples of common someone on valentine’s day or even called valentine’s day is valentine’s day break up is not the main culprit to break up it just gives us an opportunity to re-examine the relationship between the so,Why is Valentine’s Day such a disaster zone for breakups?Is the gift or red envelope that a girl wants really pure material?From a psychological point of view, the main reason for valentine’s Day breakups is the lack of ritual between couples. We often hear the phrase, “Life needs ritual.” So, what is ritual?Ceremony is the feeling of some looks is not much meaning in life things become formal and special can let you have felt ritual ceremony in feeling is not melodramatic, but a spiritual nurture in psychology at the heart of a famous anchor effect refers to the person’s mood and something happen when the link is the conditioned reflex, for instance,Every time you go shopping with your girlfriend and you see a marshmallow seller you buy her one and then she sees a marshmallow and she thinks of you and she feels happy and ritual is to create an anchor to warm up the relationship but also to tell each other what’s right and why is ritual so important?Reason is that we in the ceremony into the spirit of the value of it can make us feel to be seen, was the feeling of attention also represents our attitude to life, serious to others at the same time will be the heart the feeling of a firmly to the person you love so, lack of sense of ritual couples will make both sides feel himself in the presence of each other this is the main cause of couples break up!Valentine’s Day is coming. Are your gifts ready?