In order to succeed in the workplace, you need to be proficient in all three skills

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The year 2021 has come to an end, and it is not a good year for workers. All walks of life are facing great pressure from the economic downturn. The real estate industry, represented by a variety of information about layoffs, has spread to all industries, and many people are worried about whether they will be the next target of layoffs.At the end of the year, year-end bonus has become a very hot word. Have you received your year-end bonus this year?How many were handed out?Many office workers exchange this message on the Internet, some people ask what is the year-end bonus, some people say that money is good, what kind of bike.Although it is a joke, but also reflects a terrible situation in the current workplace, that is, workplace anxiety.This widespread mood is not unique. It is a combination of factors such as the overall development environment, the direction of the company, and personal advancement.Another way to put it is a midlife crisis at work.Remember, there is a metabolism in the workplace, and it is undeniable that many middle-aged professionals do not have the energy to keep up with the younger generation, but their technical advantages are not so high that they have to. In this case, the workplace midlife crisis occurs.The biggest advantage of young people is that they have enough time to study and have plenty of energy to pay, which middle-aged professionals do not have.Some people say it doesn’t matter, I can change a company.Understand that with each generation of young people coming in, you will be less and less advantaged, so be prepared for a rainy day.To avoid becoming a metabolic middle-aged professional, you must have three skills, in order to solve the crisis in advance, the situation forces people to progress, you do not want to master, there is no such thing as lying down, because you do not live for yourself.01 Irreplaceable or partially irreplaceable Skills I visited an enterprise that produces precision instruments and belongs to a high-tech enterprise. In a busy workshop, I unexpectedly found two or three middle-aged men playing cards together, which looked very incompatible.So I asked the head of the workshop what they did and why they didn’t work.After, head of the enterprise solution, can I understand that these people are buying machine tool manufacturer sent technician, because the machine is very precise and maintenance technology strictly confidential, so you need to stagnation point technician, these technicians to master core technologies for the maintenance of machine tools as she led the high wages, while enjoying the stationary point unit ChiZhuXing all-round protection.The reason is that there is no substitute, and if companies can fix their own failures, they won’t pay to keep them.Therefore, we must do their own hand things to do the best, do their own extreme, do completely irreplaceable or partially irreplaceable, at least let the company know that the risk of substitution is very high, only in this way, to protect their own.For example, when you are skilled in using Excel to process big data, the company used to need to purchase data processing services, but now you can handle it well. For such talents, the company will not easily ban them.For example, when you’re good at, mind you, making powerpoint presentations, few companies will let you go.A thousand skills in the brain is better than a thousand skills in the hand, it is time to act now, learn a useful ability, learn the ultimate, prevent future risks.02 Communication and coordination, the ability to integrate into the circle a common point of view is “don’t melt into the circle that doesn’t belong to you”, this sentence to dialectically look, many circles you melt into is useless, nothing more than a few more drinking friends.But some circles are filled with resources and opportunities, and if you have the coordination to get involved, your life takes off.Most of the time, we have a limit to what we can do. No matter how hard we try, we can’t reach the point that is irreplaceable. It’s in our talent.But at this time, we must change our thinking in time. If we can’t start with hard power, we should improve our soft power, learn social contact and communication and coordination, and strive for more “human” resources for ourselves. If we get through the human link, many things will be easier to do and many opportunities will come.How do you improve your social skills?It’s a very complicated question. There are three kinds. One is the level of speech.People in the workplace, remember not to offend people easily, you say what others like to hear, do not express opinions, do not comment on right and wrong, this is not flattery, this is reality;Second, the level of commitment.Promise to do, strive to do the best.Never agree to anything that is obviously beyond your ability.If you don’t do a good job, answer honestly, don’t make up excuses to prove that it’s not your ability. Remember, be punctual and keep promises.Third, image level.This is easy to understand, you must pay attention to their image, have a few good clothes, know some national affairs, development strategies, read some career books, theoretical articles.It can be said that 90% of unlucky people in the workplace have bad luck in their mouths. I have seen many such people dare to say anything and lie about anything.At the end of the day, if you offend a large group of people and no one believes anything, you automatically fall into the “workplace trash” category.Hold your own mouth, don’t to figure that a few minutes of frank have to say something against him, most of the time, you think you’re right, but in the dark, just because you said these words, for your kill agency, have begun to decorate, or, should belong to your opportunity has been slipping away.You never know what you’re going to say and how and where your words will be said, so the best thing to do is not say anything, and keeping your mouth shut can solve 70 percent of workplace problems.The remaining 30 percent are taught to think calmly, no matter what happens, don’t jump on it, think calmly about the solution, think about what resources you have, what difficulties you face, and how you can solve them.Think these things out clearly, and many difficulties will be easily solved.Write in the last fierce competition in the workplace, must cultivate their ability to resist risks, have three kinds of ability, can not say that can harvest what satisfactory results, but at least you can secretly meet the risk, to the lowest.I strongly recommend a book, China’s modern workplace trilogy, which records the author’s business experience and workplace perception for more than ten years. The content is very sharp and the point of view is very original. I have deeply benefited from this set of books, and many workplace experiences have been learned from this book.This set of book content is very deep, listed all kinds of strategies in the workplace, for the struggling workers in the workplace has a very good educational significance, called the workplace thick black classic masterpiece, as one of the four novels in the workplace, a lot of reading can be bright workplace insider, know the true meaning of the workplace, a lot of harvest.I highly recommend that you study, and trust me, you won’t regret it.