In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, what efforts did China make to repay the 8.6 billion yuan of arms debt to the Soviet Union?

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There is a saying in China: it is not difficult to borrow again. After the Korean War, China owed the Soviet Union 8.6 billion in arms debt. In order to pay off these debts, what efforts did China make?If you are interested, don’t forget to click “like”.The Soviet Union had provided more than 60 army divisions to our country in the war against the United States and aid Korea, the Soviet Union had provided more than 60 army divisions to our country, in addition, there are a large number of aircraft artillery, armored troops, guns and ammunition, cars and a large number of materials.Of course, this is not something the Soviet Union gave us for free, but something that needs to be repaid.During its resistance to the United States and aid to Korea, the Soviet Union intermittently provided China with several batches of weapons and equipment. From 1950 to 1960, China’s foreign debt to the Soviet Union and the interest payable amounted to more than 5.7 billion yuan. Adding the 3 billion yuan of foreign debt already paid, a total of 8.6 billion yuan needed to be repaid to the Soviet Union.There is a saying in China: you can borrow and you can pay back, and it is not difficult to borrow again. So although it is difficult, China still sticks to its promise and decides to pay back the money no matter what.In fact, according to the UN convention, the debt was not repayable, but China’s history of contracts and good faith led China to finally decide that the money owed to the Soviet Union would be paid anyway and that it would keep its promise.At that time, the great man also once said: “tighten your belt, also want to pay the debt”, so in the great man’s call, the whole country are actively doing efforts, the great man even take the lead in not eating meat.Although there was a lot of debt, but the Chinese people through their own hard work, efforts to overcome, in order to increase fiscal revenue, people all over the country are actively engaged in production, although debt repayment pressure, but also become the driving force of China’s development.What is the concept of 8.6 billion yuan under the UN Convention?At that time, a worker a month, only a few yuan, this is undoubtedly an astronomical figure, but The Chinese have always been not afraid of difficulties, no matter how difficult they can do it.On the Korean battlefield, we can see that the indomitable spirit of our soldiers and the courage to face the enemy is the key to China’s victory in this war.Since the mighty United States had won the battle, The Chinese people were no longer afraid of these debts. However, such a huge debt could not be paid off in a lump sum. Therefore, after discussing with the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union agreed to let China pay its debts in installments.Later, in order to repay the debt as soon as possible, China also pledged a lot of mineral resources. As we all know, China is rich in mineral resources, and these mineral resources are also valuable strategic materials for China.The mortgage will also be a lot of mineral resource in China with such abundant mineral resources, our technology is not mature enough, can’t effectively exploitation and utilization, and bonded with mineral resources in China, the Soviet union in the exploitation of rare resources, China is also used to, the Soviet union to provide technology and help, it produced a part of the debt.But China did not exploit resources to pay its debts. Only part of the resources were used to pay its debts. China did not allow the Soviet Union to exploit resources without restraint.In the Soviet Union, the mining of China’s mineral resources, but also let China’s mineral industry, has been a great development.Mining in moderation and, I have to say, the way of paying off the debt with minerals did help our country pay off the debt quickly. At that time, the profit of the mineral resources produced by a mining area in Xinjiang, sold to the Soviet Union, was enough to pay off half of the debt owed to the Soviet Union that year.Under the efforts of the whole country, Until 1964, China finally paid off this military goods debt, various industries tightened their belts, in a short period of ten years, the huge amount of debt was paid off.New China had just been founded, and was faced with a huge debt of 8.6 billion yuan from the Soviet Union. However, the Chinese people paid off the debt in just 14 years. China was really remarkable at that time.”It is not difficult to borrow again.” This may be the style of a big country.The Soviet Union provided weapons and equipment to our country, although paid, but to our country, it did play a timely role, how is this?At that time, China’s performance in the Korean war shocked the world, because many people thought that China was far inferior in weapons and equipment to the United States, and it was impossible to defeat the powerful United States.But China eventually defeated the United States, on the one hand is our volunteer heroic fighting, and our army super command combat deployment, on the other hand, is the Soviet Union to provide weapons and equipment to our country.One of the most famous is the Soviet “Katyusha rocket launcher”, with the help of katyusha rocket launcher, The Chinese volunteers on the battlefield, sounded the horn of the counterattack.The Katyusha rocket, though dominated by the U.S. military at the time, had some notable drawbacks, including the ability to expose targets with a thick cloud of smoke.Even so, katyusha rocket artillery in the war against the United States to aid North Korea, or played a great role, effectively hit the Arrogance of the United States.Our volunteer rocket launcher units generally adopt the guerrilla tactics of “quick, hard and quick return”. Such tactics, together with the assistance of katyusha rocket launcher, have enabled our troops to win many battles.For example, katyusha rocket launchers performed well in the first battle of the North Korean war, when the volunteer unit of the 203rd Rocket Launcher Regiment secretly sent katyusha rocket launchers into the position at night to counter the U.S. troops and cooperate with the Korean infantry.”Go, punching, quick return” guerrilla tactics to attack orders, after meal 24 katyusha rocket launchers, to the American positions, nearly 400 rockets, all fell on the American positions, American positions instant dense shell cover, death, our army infantry and dashed forward, to regain the ground.In the famous Battle of Shangganling, katyusha rocket launcher also gave the enemy a heavy blow. In the repeated battle for positions, katyusha rocket launcher successfully suppressed the enemy’s artillery fire with fierce shelling, and in cooperation with our infantry, won another victory in the battle.Katyusha rocket artillery with fierce shelling of the last war against the United States to aid Korea, Jincheng counterattack, rocket artillery troops in katyusha rocket artillery, again played a significant role, large-scale launch, greatly supported the infantry attack, but also caused great damage to the United States.Because air control had always been controlled by the United States, and then the Soviet Union provided pilots and fighter jets to our military, and at that time our air operations were still dominated by the Soviet Air Force, supplemented by Chinese volunteers, and that gave China the ability to compete with the United States.In the war to resist the United States and aid Korea, Our country owed 8.6 billion yuan of arms debt to the Soviet Union, but under the joint efforts of the Chinese people, finally paid off this huge sum of money in 1964, in addition to the “Katyusha rocket launcher” we are familiar with, the Soviet Union also provided to our army what weapons?Jincheng strikes back the Soviet arms to our troops in the Korean in the beginning, our volunteers using weapons, or in the Anti-Japanese War, captured some of the old weapons, in the face of the sophisticated weapons and equipment, our volunteers, still dogged fight, and intelligent battle tactics, finished fighting the victory over and over again.But in the face of American, fire is too full, and the consistent operational way, is to rely on fire suppression, see fanally won the battle, the U.S. military to as poured tens of thousands of shells, and abruptly even as elevation, Fried short 2 meters, although our army fought with gallery, successfully against such a great fire.In the battle of Shanggan Mountain, however, if we had had more abundant weapons and equipment, our volunteers would have suffered fewer unnecessary casualties, and our army would have been more emboldened and courageous in fighting against the powerful American army.Although the volunteers with super willpower, in the face of the United States steel cannon still do not retreat, and achieved the final victory, but with the more and more time to fight in The North, our army’s supplies are less and less, especially the consumption of weapons and ammunition, very huge, and at this time the inventory is almost exhausted.In this case, Premier Zhou made this request to Stalin of the Soviet Union. We were both in the socialist camp, and the Soviet Union agreed to support us, but all of them were paid, equivalent to China buying weapons from the Soviet Union, but fortunately, the Soviet Union at that time, many of them were sold to us at half price.Shortly after Stalin’s agreement, the first shipment of Soviet aid reached the front, including 140,000 Soviet-style rifles with nearly 60 million rounds of ammunition.26,000 automatic rifles with 80 million rounds of ammunition, and nearly 10,000 light machine guns and heavy machine guns with nearly 60 million rounds of ammunition.And pistols and explosives.The equipment was developed by the Soviet Union during World War II, but it was an urgent problem for the infantry divisions of our volunteer army.But as the second batch of volunteers into the combat, the weapons and equipment of our army needs bigger, so great man again to buy from the Soviet union, 60 infantry division equipment, although the arms purchase process is not well, but ultimately, one was delivered to north Korea to the frontline of the battlefield, and for our troops fighting has played a large role.In addition to guns and ammunition for the 60 infantry divisions, China also purchased a large number of anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers and city defense guns from the Soviet Union. In order to solve the transportation problem, China also purchased nearly 70,000 cars from the Soviet Union.In addition, tanks, heavy tanks and heavy assault guns were purchased from the Soviet Union, as well as six air divisions and more than 1,000 mig-15 fighter jets.The weapons of the Soviet union, to our volunteers against U.S. troops, played a large role, but the arms of debt is not provided free of charge, 8.6 billion of debt, under the joint efforts of all Chinese people, tighten their belts had repaid in the end, while the external debt is produced by the Korean, but in order to defend, the money is well spent!