Inner Mongolia girls are sleeping late, a group of big men blocked the room, how to do this?

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The most happy thing is to sleep late and lie in bed, but the most happy thing is that our parents do not want to see the thing, There is a little girl in Inner Mongolia was directly blocked in bed, blocked her or a group of big men!Recently, a girl in Inner Mongolia is sleeping in a daze, suddenly a burst of noise from far and near, it seems to her ear, open meng Song’s sleepy eyes, look back, god, a large group of men are sitting in her room loud chat!But now, lying on the bed, only she a girl, so many men around, the bed can not get up, clothes can not change, the most important is that she also hold a bubble of urine.Shit can bear urine can not bear ah!Hold in for a long time that may hold out internal injury!But she also can’t help, so many men, she can only close her eyes to continue to pretend to sleep, hope to wake up they will go.I really feel very strange, is it true that the customs in Inner Mongolia are different?Just like our southern side, the general time to go to someone else’s home will only be in the living room or go to the elder’s room.If the discovery room is junior girl’s won’t enter at all, let alone a large group of big men looking at a girl sleeping there.I wondered if the girl’s mother had deliberately brought some men into her room to expose the girl to an awkward situation.After all, these days are still during the New Year, we all need to get up early, first to go to the elder family New Year, there are some small generation will come to our home New Year, so at home need to get up early, otherwise the guests came, he is still lying in bed, is sure to be laughed at by others.Another possibility is that the boy came on a blind date!Now as long as have a daughter in each family has become a hot property, once reached marriageable age, the threshold will be broken on, see this girl looks handsome, skin fair-skinneds in vain, is definitely a big beauty, estimates of the will of these people have the guy is a blind date, so I come and see, although the girls also in sleep late, they also don’t mind, just sleeping of time,That’s when she looks real, so it’s hard to miss her.Actually being parents is one of the most hate to see her children sleep in, but can’t, now young people most of them are working outside, and each day is a must to do, and only when the New Year’s day to relax and enjoy the comprehensive care of parents, like a pig, you just need to responsible for eat, eat sleep, sleep and eat.But we always have to grow up, one day we will become parents, we will watch their children sleep late but helpless, if possible or get up earlier, talk to their fathers, help their mothers do housework, because in our life, can really accompany their parents very little time.May the New Year bring us not only the growth of age, but also the growth of mind!Everybody is good!I am “Xiao Kai PI PI said” to share the daily bizarre and interesting news, what’s wrong with the world?Praise rich life!Thank you for commenting on three generations of Beauty!Thanks for sharing!