Police broke up a gang of burglars

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April 6, the reporter learned from the police interview, recently, the Hezhang County public Security Bureau team joint, successfully beat a flow in Hezhang, Nayong two crimes as many as 21 theft gang.Power facilities, quarry equipment and steel from construction sites have been stolen in several towns in Hezhang County since October 2021, according to the local public Security bureau.After the incident, hezhang County Public Security Bureau Party Committee attaches great importance to the immediate integration of police forces to set up a working group, and strive to solve the case quickly, reduce the damage, to fight the arrogance of criminals.Working group through a large number of work, to obtain the whereabouts of suspects, immediately after the implementation of the arrest.In the early morning of March 30, the police successively in weishe township area, huang and other 8 suspects were successfully captured, the scene impounded 3 vehicles.The other two suspects surrendered to the police on March 31 after police mobilized them patiently.After the police continued to work, the two people who bought the stolen proceeds, including Wu, have surrendered to the public security organs.After the trial, Huang mou and other 10 theft suspects, on its since October 2021 fled to hezhang county township and nayong county area stolen steel selling profits, a total of 21 crimes confessed.Wu mou and other two people, also truthfully confessed to its cheap acquisition of the criminal facts of stolen income.Theft gang suspects have been taken compulsory measures by the public security organs (Liang Jie photo) has been arrested huang and other 12 suspects, has been taken compulsory measures by the public security organs, the case of deep digging and recovery of stolen goods pull damage and other work, is still in an orderly development.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Zhang Bin, He Zhang, police photo editor hao Meng, editor Zhao Hongbin, Zhang Chuanbao, proofreader Zhang Huan, Zhu Yunxia