Cloud computing features

2022-05-21 0 By

The characteristics of cloud computing can be summed up in two aspects: 1. Distribution on demand; 2.Cloud computing, in fact, we can understand that there is a large computer (server) on the network, which will provide corresponding computing functions according to the needs of users.Crudely, it can be imagined as a restaurant, where customers can order according to their means and tastes.If you have the money and appetite, you can order a man han banquet, or you can just order a bowl of rice if you need it.The main advantage of cloud computing is to distribute according to need and avoid waste.For example, 200 people suddenly come to your house for dinner, and then you go to buy utensils for 200 people, but you usually only have 3 people to eat, waste it.With the cloud, you can apply for 200 dishes a day, so there’s no waste.Of course, you still have to give money, which is much less than wasted money.And cloud providers, because they buy more tableware (computers), the unit price is cheaper, and they keep using, but also have profits, so cloud computing is a win-win model.The disadvantage of cloud computing is that the network is heavily dependent, because our data and calculation are all in the cloud, and we need to submit to the cloud to pass through the network. If the network is down or blocked, you can’t do anything about it.It’s like when you shop online, if the logistics stop working, you get nothing.