Feeling three feet platform, gan sprinkle youth blood

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Times report (Sang Jianwei correspondent Qiu Jianbiao) simple hair bundle, simple dress, sneakers forever, extremely ordinary, but always showing a strength, this is zhongmou County jiefang Road primary school an ordinary Language teacher MAO Ruijuan.Since joining the work, she has always been adhering to the principle of “sincerity to people, sincerity to work”, keep in mind “if I were a child” and “if it were my child” two philosophical words.In the ordinary work post step by step step by step work in education this piece of sacred fertile soil to enrich themselves day by day.At the beginning of her career, MAO Ruijuan regarded being a good teacher as her eternal pursuit, and she knew clearly that she was destined to deal with children all her life.She insists on doing a good job in teaching for several years. While she pays her heart out, she enjoys the love from students and the high praise from parents.The persistent pursuit of career makes her happy to pay for it.In order to make classes lively and interesting, she poured a lot of effort in the preparation, never easily deny students in the class point of view, and some just nudges to guide, in order to focus on the nature of the student life, she always teach their knowledge at the same time, try to exercise the students’ ability of expression and psychological quality, each class to students free opportunity to answer this question,Treat every student equally.In class, she always tells her students that she is not afraid of your wrong answer, but afraid of your no answer.With this constant encouragement, some students slowly began to dare to raise their hands.A class of a student’s milk can not find, MAO Ruijuan teacher skillfully use the students lose milk incident, tell students to have good conduct, education each student firmly establish the idea of “life first”.The school organizes a lot of activities every semester. Miss MAO Ruijuan is not just a teacher of knowledge, but a guide, organizer, participant, leader, coordinator and evaluator of student activities.For each activity, Mr. MAO Ruijuan did not directly determine the students to participate according to their usual performance, but let them register freely.Jiefang road primary school reading annual yue think reading festival “static display” activity – book sale, student use of group work for charity sale class game, came up with to buy books sweepstakes, buy a book, get mineral water activities, buy two, get one free activities, group activities between customers, enhance the students’ enthusiasm to participate in activities, enhance the cooperation between the team,It improves students’ confidence.Reading festival “Dynamic Display” activity — Students Wang Jun Ho, Yang Can and Ma Yilin voluntarily signed up for the role they wanted to play in the show “True and False Monkey King”. The performance was quite wonderful and ranked first in the senior grade, which was highly praised by teachers, students and school leaders.The young actors were very excited!Through these activities, students can enrich their art practice and improve their confidence.Three, pay attention to learning, diligent study “abdomen poetry gas from China.”When a teacher teaches, it is time to learn again.Only in this way can we keep a fresh heart forever. MAO Ruijuan knows the truth that “if you give your child a cup of water, you must have a pool of fresh water first”. Every year, she buys educational monographs at her own expense and studies them with great concentration!Because of her love of reading, reading rewarded her by keeping her class organized.In teaching, she always takes the initiative to study teachers’ reference books and curriculum standards, and always requires herself to do the “five preparations” in lesson preparation, that is, prepare textbooks, students, teaching methods, teaching terms and blackboard writing.Class passion input, good handling of all aspects of teaching, so that the classroom has a strong absorption, can stimulate students’ strong interest in learning;Use the break to listen to the opinions of students to reflect on their own teaching process, and then reflect on their own classroom teaching.Mr. MAO also consciously let students participate in the classroom, step by step to cultivate students’ Chinese literacy, the language elements in the implementation of ordinary teaching activities.Over the years, the class taught by MAO Ruijuan has always come out on top in various tests.Four, correct attitude, strict discipline as a teacher should have the spirit of learning as a teacher, conduct the world model, set an example, strict discipline, set a good example for students.In teaching, she treats each lesson seriously, each link will do know, strict class quality, to 40 minutes to efficiency.Every time she took over a new class, she would first ask students to sit up straight in class, hold their heads straight, and keep their legs together. In the morning reading class, they would hold their books in their hands, and in the silent reading, they would have a pen in their hands. In the learning process, they would develop various learning habits.As a class teacher, she always tries her best to stay with the students during the break. She will go to the classroom for a walk during each break.Cleaning, sorting desk and platform bookcase, pick up garbage, timely turn off the lights and so on, where required students to do, she will do first, always everywhere everything with their own personality charm infected students.Ms. MAO ruijuan manages the class with a scientific and reasonable system, treats the students equally, and creates an equal and relaxed learning and living atmosphere for the students.Mao Ruijuan teacher after pump the opinions of the students in different levels, applies a system of “rotate the class cadre” within the group, let every student to be the class cadre, almost every student in the class as a large and small different cadres, not only to cultivate the ability of the students, also make the students realized that when “cadres”.Gradually between the students to help each other, good grades to drive poor grades, poor grades to good learning, students learning enthusiasm improved, the cohesion between the students greatly enhanced, collective sense of honor is also greatly enhanced, outstanding completion of school learning, discipline, health tasks.In the festival, MAO teacher always give students to prepare some cards, lollipops and other rewards, the class is happy, all grateful to the teacher, such a municipal “civilized class” was born.Teacher MAO Ruijuan often said: “a teacher, to win the good impression and respect of students, the first thing is to make the class both solid and vivid;If a teacher wants to win the recognition and affirmation of the society, he must first show first-class teaching achievements.”Feeling three feet platform, gan sprinkle youth blood.We believe that the true feelings of Teacher MAO, hard teaching, there will be a rich return!