While Zombie Campus is mediocre, its supporting cast has seen its fans increase 175-fold

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Netflix released 12 episodes of Zombie School at the end of January, making it a Spring Festival talk show for many.People are writing me, saying we should talk about this show we can’t ignore.To be honest, the show has hit the TOP10 in 91 countries around the world, thanks to Netflix.But stay up late to see me, or to say, douban 6 points, not unfair.Originally I thought that TV series like the cartoon itself, is exciting to play blame upgrade, with the sweet home, unfortunately, the writers lay “sweet home” bead jade in the former not learn, stubbornly crammed into various love line, shape the stupid white sweet + the image of the virgin IQ + king to Japanese, many uncomfortable, caused the main line is a absolutely do not recommend two brush, seen abandonning the drama.However, thanks to the success of actress Lee Woo-mi, who was forced to play the role of villain Lee Na-yeon by the screenwriter to create conflicts, her social media followers have increased 175 times in just five months.She had 40,000 followers in September last year, but now has more than 7 million followers, which is a leap from primitive society to high-tech and intelligent society.The character of Lee Na-yeon, in zombie Campus, basically single-handedly carries the show’s hatred on her shoulders.She first appears on her way to school, and Kyung-soo bumps into her while running to avoid being late.She was very unhappy.Just such a detail, the scriptwriter let Lee Na-yeon hold a grudge against King Xiu, and embarked on the path of framing, resulting in King Xiu into a zombie.As a student, scriptwriter this reason is really too far-fetched.What kind of hatred does it take to kill someone?However, Li Yu Mei, the actor, simply put this baffling villain role to the point of anger between people and god.In the process of chasing and avoiding zombies with her classmates, she did nothing for the first time and hid herself in the back. She also ordered and shouted loudly at each student to do it, acting like I was the queen protecting me.The point was, she was so thin, but she had such a strong voice and such a natural expression.With each performance, she accumulates the off-screen hatred of the character.And, in fact, in addition to yelling at everybody to close the door and get this out and get that out, she covers her ears and shakes every time it happens.In short, what do what can not, private first is her.Thanks to the actor’s hard performance, so that before the scene repair event has not appeared, the small friends off screen are anxious to let her die early.Because this crisis, the performance of selfishness wish the whole world can see the people, in real life is really rare.After all, you’re not the real queen, and your pedigree doesn’t really matter.An ordinary girl student, why always want others to risk their lives to save you, and others want to climb back from the window you have to close the door to stop it?Such a why so bad reason did not come to the role, the role of the scriptwriter lack of account, in the actor’s superb acting, successfully became the most annoying person in the whole play, the scriptwriter finally began to her.When Lee Na-yeon wronged King repair was bitten, to see him half an hour after still no variation, looking for a handkerchief stained with zombie blood wipe in his hands, he mutation.What kind of magical brain circuitry is this?Could have hit the male students is not much, king repair or one of the most active fighting to protect the students, she is just to let the students feel that her fear is right, turned people into zombies.Doesn’t it occur to her that her protective screaming will go unanswered?She’s the kind of character that needs a lot of people.Because she’s supposed to put herself first, and everyone else is supposed to protect me.But the writers don’t care.She was forced to commit a crime in order to create conflict by taking her lunch.Finally killed King Repair, also killed himself.Actress Lee Yu-mi played the role with all the body language, expressions and lines she could.The madness of screaming, the refusal of choice, the neuroticism of hurting people, are commendable.Although the role is not pleasant, but her acting is obvious.So the explosion of social media followers is really deserved.So “Zombie Campus” is really a play where the actors’ acting is greater than the writers’ imagination.In fact, Li Yu Beauty in last year’s net fly absolutely exploded “squid game”, also starred, do not know friends found?She plays Ji-young, a poor girl who was abused by her father as a child.Because her scenes and lines are not much, the second half of the formal lines, and quickly received lunch.So the popularity is not as high as other protagonists.But in a very short period of time, she got the character right.Because of the shadow of his childhood, Zhiying has long lost faith in life.Even if they win the game, they feel that they have no way out, so they have no desire and enthusiasm to win or lose. They just spend their life by playing the game.The so-called sorrow is greater than heart death, actress Lee Yu Mei’s eyes, vivid interpretation of this feeling.Every time the camera shows her, I can’t see any will to survive in her eyes, leaving nothing but emptiness and nothingness.In sharp contrast, she finally gave birth to another girl.When I saw the result, I believe that many friends shed tears like the characters in the play.This is of course “Squid Game” scriptwriter than “zombie Campus” fierce place, the role itself is very high completion, reasonable for the actor’s acting added.In short, Li Yumei’s delicate acting of “drama throwing style” left a deep impression on Scarlett, and I couldn’t find any similarities in performance.When you want to say that an actress born in the 1990s can perform so well, I should tell you that she has been in her career for 14 years.Before appearing in The Squid Game, he earned his living by delivering food. He never gave up his dream of acting, and finally let the audience see his strength through years of hard work.Really no one can casually succeed ah!2022/2/5 in Hong Kong