How do you keep a guy interested in you?

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In fact, every relationship has a lot of process, love period, bonding period, dull period.Many couples find themselves stuck together all day at first, with all sorts of surprises.But after a long time together, it seems that you are not so important to the other person’s heart, and may even feel that the other person has moved on, not so care about yourself.In fact, gradually dull is very normal, so how to let the boy has been fresh to you?Method 1: maintain independent spiritual space and economic status.The writer Yi Shu once said that it is right to walk on your feet until the scenery you want becomes a place you can walk on.Life is an improvisational performance, in the footsteps of others, open their own territory.Therefore, in life, women should have an independent economic foundation, struggle in career, and have a real career of their own.In this way, they can strengthen their position in the family.At the same time, psychologically, you can be independent, do not depend on each other too much, and do not put all your time and energy on each other.Otherwise, the other person will not only appreciate you, but also tell you that I am no longer interested in you and don’t take you seriously.Second, be feminine.Women need to take care of themselves all the time.Only with a youthful face can you be attractive.In life, you can often go to the beauty salon to maintain your skin, or apply a mask at home and wash your face frequently.Remember to wear a sophisticated makeup every day to make yourself look more classy.At the same time, don’t forget to pick out a nice outfit before you leave the house to let your charm shine from the inside out.Case In point: Some women think they can make a home better by putting all their time and energy into it and taking care of their husband and children.So I forgot to dress up and improve myself.It happened.Over time, you’ll turn into a bitch, and you’ll end up sounding boring.Case in point: A woman who chooses different beautiful clothes and puts on elaborate makeup to make you shine anytime and anywhere can make you more attractive and fresher.Third, for a man, don’t give 100%.Relationships are about balance, often resulting in a desperate move on one side, but not for the best.In the process of a relationship with a man, don’t give it all at once, don’t put all your time and energy on him.You need to understand balance, which is how much the other person gives, how much you give.And generally speaking, in love, a man should give more so that he will value you more.When you give in balance, he will treat you better, value you more, care about you more, and he will try his best to please you.He will provide you with something fresh.Simple summary: in fact, no matter be in love, or after marriage, need to have their own independent space, need to constantly change their temperament, let the other party feel fresher.At the same time, you need to know the balance of emotional investment, try to let the other person invest more than you do, so that he will value you more and be more willing to give you what you call “freshness”.