Inter: the team is not in shape, the road to the title is long

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Inter milan: the whole team is not in shape, the road to win the title will be a long way to go, Beijing time on February 13 at 1 am, a strong dialogue in Serie A showdown, the league points ranked second napoli host the leaders of inter Milan.Five minutes into the game, inter defender Devry fouled Napoli striker Osmein in the penalty area, the referee awarded the penalty: a penalty kick.Insigne scores, Napoli 1-0.Two minutes into the second half, Inter striker Edin Dzeko’s double header from the right side of the penalty area equalised the score at 1-1.The score also stayed in the final game!Inter milan recent state of general, the league has been many rounds without victory.With a lot of players out of shape due to the heavy schedule and some of them out of shape, inter were lucky to draw away at napoli.Let’s start with Devry. Last season, Devry was solid at the back of the center, but this season, especially in the last few games, devry has made a lot of mistakes.It can be said that the two games in a row of goals and Devi have a direct relationship.Perhaps inzaghi can try to let ranocchia rotate devry, I believe the effect will not be too bad.Devry had better see how he can get a good price for it.Lautaro, the Argentina striker, has been in excellent form for the national team, but has failed to score in several rounds, whether it is because he is not suited to inzaghi’s tactics or his own form. He was very good last season alongside Lukaku, but his form has dropped significantly this season.Look still want to seek a reason from oneself!Di Marco: Bastoni injured, di Marco in the starting line-up, but that’s it!Varela, Perisic clearly tired, handarovic is old, than Dahl this season more than a sidelined.The recent devil schedule is indeed very difficult, and the events are very intensive, this game is a draw can be accepted, but it is still necessary to timely adjust the state, after all, now the points gap between many teams is very small, any game may affect the trend of the league champion!