These two days, Chengdu metro delay operation!

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According to chengdu Metro, the service hours will be extended by 50-60 minutes on the day before and the last day of the Qingming Festival.During the Qingming Festival in 2022, the passenger flow of chengdu metro network is expected to increase to a certain extent compared with the daily weekend due to the combined influence of the passenger flow, such as going out to play, visiting relatives and shopping.1 first day (April 2, Saturday) affected by superposition of passenger travel commuter traffic line network passenger traffic is expected to a daily passenger flow growth significantly, each line late peak affected is larger, the train station, the train north station, chengdu east station, bus terminal, chengdu rhino pu, tea houses west station hubs such as site traffic is daily growth significantly;The evening rush hour is expected to start two hours ahead of schedule.2 holiday period (April 3 – April 5) hang out, grave, visiting relatives, superposition of passenger flow, such as shopping, passenger line network more increases daily over the weekend to a certain extent, the spring city road, rhinoceros pu, tianfu square, width alley, zoo, panda avenue, high bridge, the military general hospital, grinding, etc in the wei house key station will be a significant increase in passenger flow;Due to the impact of return passenger flow on the last day, the passenger flow pressure at chengdu East Railway Station, Chengdu North Railway Station, Chengdu West Railway Station and other hub stations will increase.On the first day after the 3rd Holiday (Wednesday, April 6th), the morning rush hour pressure of Line 1 is still high, and the transfer pressure of Nijiaqiao, South Railway Station and Hatching Park is more prominent.Tips: According to the real-time passenger flow situation, the station will take measures to organize the passenger flow, such as adding ticket booths and opening more security check machines. Please plan the route in advance, reserve enough travel time, and try your best to “alternate peak travel”.When taking the subway, please actively cooperate with the guidance of the subway staff, enter the station in an orderly manner, show your health code or scan the location code in advance, and contact the station staff or chengdu Metro service hotline at 028-61638000 for help.On the day of the extension, the service hotline will also extend the service hours to meet the needs of passengers on holidays and improve the service level of the network.Small cloth also remind you remember how to wear masks prepare travel health protection oh ~ source | chengdu metro chengdu release editing | xiao-hong yu practice editor Big orange code into the group of left