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Beidou compass information search and rescue load formally adopted the international search and rescue satellite organization technology review shenzhen support the development of the satellite industry male Ann district to realize the real gold and silver indoor and underground beidou signal covers the following key areas for the recent beidou industry major news PART. The beidou rescue load through the international search and rescue satellite organization officially technical audit on March 16 to 25, 2022,International search and rescue satellite organization of the 66th session of the council (CSC – 66) confirmed the beidou system carrying six rescue load orbit satellite SAR system space segments in global standard requirement, marked the beidou satellite system to join the international search and rescue organization technology of audit work is complete, this is the big dipper internationalization work again, important progress has been made,It will help China to implement the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and improve the efficiency of global distress and safety alarm.The next step in our country will continue to optimize the beidou international search and rescue service performance, speed up the beidou feature to return to link international application promotion, based on beidou international search and rescue service consummates our country land personal relief, aviation distress tracking, maritime distress search and rescue system, to provide global maritime, air and land users “beidou” and emergency rescue “plan of China”,Let China’s Beidou better serve the world and benefit mankind.By the end of 2021, more than 90% of the 40 aspects, 82 key reform tasks and 156 specific reform measures of the three-year soE reform set by Norinco have been completed.Through deepening reform, Norinco achieved a total profit of 22.63 billion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 15.5%, and a business revenue of 526.9 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 7.5%. Its ranking among the world’s top 500 companies rose from 140th in 2019 to 127th in 2021.These include:(1) the implementation of manufacturing strategy, and actively cultivate emerging industries of strategic importance, beidou application innovation initially formed “a net, siping, three centers, one supporting and one chain” new pattern of beidou high-precision global service users to break through 1 billion at the end of 2021, beidou no. 3 area short message communication service ability to accelerate the large-scale applications of civil service system,A major project jointly undertaken by China’s Beidou Navigation satellite System — the Beidou Railway Industry Comprehensive application Demonstration Project has recently passed the acceptance test.(2) Continue to build innovation platforms. Beidou Application Research Institute will be established in 2021, with 62 national innovation platforms.We continued to increase investment in innovation, creating a 5 billion yuan “capital pool” for scientific and technological innovation, and spending on such innovation increased by 14.2% year-on-year.Recently, the Shenzhen municipal government issued the “Shenzhen City to promote the construction of new information infrastructure action Plan (2022-2025)” (hereinafter referred to as the “action Plan”).On the afternoon of March 29, 2022, the Shenzhen Municipal government held a press conference to interpret the Action Plan.One of the six tasks set out in the action plan is the forward-looking layout of new technological infrastructure, including the deployment of satellite Internet facilities.According to the action plan, Shenzhen will support enterprises to participate in the construction of satellite Internet facilities, promote the construction of Beidou satellite ground-based enhancement system, global high-throughput broadband satellite communication system and remote sensing constellation with regional characteristics, and accelerate the layout of satellite manufacturing, satellite system operation and satellite application.We should make rational arrangements for ground facilities, explore the integrated development of satellite communications, ground 5G and the Internet of things, build an integrated network of air, ground and sea with seamless coverage, security and reliability, and build satellite service capabilities in smart cities, security and emergency response, maritime communications and international information and communication connectivity.In fact, the shenzhen development and reform commission (NDRC) around the satellite industry development in recent years done a lot of work, such as last may lead the printing of the shenzhen about support for the development of satellite and application industry work opinion “, then put forward around communications, navigation, integrated application of remote sensing satellite, layout of a batch of major equipment and key parts and components development project, the highest support 300 million yuan;Enterprises will be encouraged to invest in the construction of a global high-throughput broadband satellite communication system and remote sensing constellation with regional characteristics, with a maximum of 200 million yuan for high-orbit satellites and 50 million yuan for low-orbit satellites.Enterprises and research institutes will be supported to carry out satellite and application industry technology r&d and application innovation with a maximum support of 30 million yuan.A number of engineering research centers will be built to focus on the integrated development of satellites, 5G, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other key areas, as well as core technologies for satellite applications, with a maximum support of 10 million yuan.Source:A few days ago, the Department of Transportation of the Autonomous Region issued “Guangxi Transportation Beidou Satellite Navigation System application” fourteenth Five Development Planning (hereinafter referred to as the Planning), clear by the end of 2025,The Region has realized the application of the Beidou Navigation satellite System in roads, waterways, railways, civil aviation, postal services and other transport sectors, and has taken the lead in autonomous and controllable application in key and key areas.According to the plan, during the 14th Five-year Plan period, Guangxi will strengthen the deep integration of the BDS and the comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, and strive to form a comprehensive BDS application management structure by the end of 2025, improve the application of the BDS in the whole field of transportation, and 100% of the operating vehicles will use the BDS.The BDS is fully supported in the positioning and navigation equipment of ships in inland and coastal areas, and fully applied in the construction and maintenance of highway and waterway infrastructure.In addition, guangxi will also actively explore the beidou system in the security information broadcast, emergency communication, and security aspects of popularization and application of the construction of emergency command and dispatch system based on beidou system, actively promote application of beidou professional emergency rescue equipment, facilities, 100% implementation of beidou terminal equipment application in emergency care team;We will accelerate the development of scientific and technological innovation, support the integrated application of THE BDS with 5G, the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, promote the commercialization and application of BDS technologies, and explore the systematic application of new models based on the BDS, such as free flow charging and automatic port operations, in some regions.China Iron Tower, in cooperation with the three major telecom operators, has achieved full 5G coverage in all key and hotspot areas of the Xiongan New Area.In the indoor and underground garage areas, outdoor Beidou satellite signals are fed into the sub-system to realize the coverage of beidou signals in the indoor and underground space, laying a foundation for the later indoor navigation.It is understood that the future Xiongan New Area will have one city above ground and one city underground.To meet the needs of people indoors and underground positioning, committed to “into the fusion” tower of the company is actively explore and put forward the “beidou passive room + points” solutions, innovative use of tower company introducing beidou signal indoor, indoor distribution system for vehicle navigation, emergency response, logistics distribution, such as the provision of indoor and underground real-time location information.China’s first new-generation intelligent intercity emUS, customized by CRRC Changke Co LTD for Guiyang, guizhou Province, officially went into operation on March 30.As A new generation of intelligent intercity EMU, the train integrates the latest technology of Fuxing intelligent EMU with the CRH3A-A developed by CRRC Changke Co., LTD as the platform, and applies cutting-edge technologies such as big data, 5G communication, Beidou satellite positioning and health management system (PHM) in the intercity EMU for the first time.Can be called the most “wisdom” of the new generation of intercity EMU.The train can circle Guiyang city in one hour and 26 minutes, which means Guiyang has entered the era of urban ring railway.The European Space Agency (ESA) is working with its international partners and seeking to establish a lasting lunar link for sustainable space exploration.The agency has now evaluated preliminary ideas for creating a network of lunar communications and navigation satellites.Creating a commercial telecommunications and navigation service for the moon would enable many of the dozens of planned lunar missions to share the same infrastructure in order to communicate with Earth and find their direction on the lunar surface.Using a shared telecommunications and navigation service will reduce the design complexity and weight of individual missions, making them more cost effective.Source: