“Deeply moved by China’s righteous act!”The king of Tonga angrily praised China in front of the whole world

2022-05-23 0 By

In the wake of tonga’s volcanic eruption, the eyes of the world are on the small country at the same time, with some watching and others giving generously.Of all the countries and organizations helping Tonga, China is probably the only one that gets angry praise from the King of Tonga.The king of Tonga expressed his anger at the eruption of the Tongan volcano in China, which not only caused serious damage to the country’s economy and social order.Other countries in the Pacific were not alone, with several coastal nations, including Japan and the United States, issuing tsunami warnings and asking residents in coastal areas to be on alert.Two days of volcanic eruptions in Tonga have contaminated the water supply with ash and noxious gases, US media reported.Although tonga was cut off for several days due to the eruption, the government immediately appealed to the international community for help with food and water supplies once communications were restored.After Tonga sent out a message asking for help, the Chinese Foreign Ministry made it clear that “China has been paying close attention to the disaster situation in Tonga and has taken urgent action to do its utmost to help Tonga with disaster relief.The Red Cross Society of China has provided US $100,000 of emergency humanitarian assistance in cash to Tonga.”According to huanqiu.com, China is still providing various kinds of aid to Tonga, and as early as 19th, a series of emergency supplies and funds provided by China for Tonga have smoothly entered the territory of Tonga, which is reported to be the first batch of aid materials received by Tonga.In the past ten days, various supplies from China have also been sent to Tonga, for which the King of Tonga also expressed his sincere gratitude to China.According to reports, the King of Tonga made it clear in a speech addressed to his people that the Tongan government and people are deeply moved by China’s righteous act and deeply grateful for it.The Tongan government and people will never forget China’s immediate help and support.Fortunately, the Chinese Embassy in Tonga has not reported any casualties among its staff, and all Chinese citizens in Tonga have contacted the Embassy.”China will continue to provide cash and material assistance to Tonga according to the disaster situation and the needs of Tonga, and will try its best to overcome adverse weather conditions such as volcanic ash and deliver the materials to Tonga as soon as possible,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference earlier, huanqiu.com reported.In addition, at the delivery ceremony of emergency supplies, The Deputy Prime Minister of Tonga expressed “heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese government for its prompt assistance to Tonga”.Part of the news reference source: Beijing Evening News