Gansu Wuwei Liangzhou Power Supply Company: Visit key customers and build “Heart bridge”

2022-05-23 0 By

March 29, Gansu Wuwei Liangzhou district power supply company communist party member service team to Wuwei City Yutong wire and Cable Co., Ltd. to visit, master the customer production of electricity, help customers check electrical equipment, timely solve customer problems, build up the power supply enterprises and customers between the “heart bridge”.In the production workshop of Wuwei Yutong Wire and Cable Co., LTD., the Communist party member service team conducted a comprehensive investigation of power supply line equipment, and verified the customer transformer, distribution box and meter wiring.According to the principle of “checking and correcting”, assist customers to deal with the hidden defects found in the inspection, give feedback to customers for the problems that cannot be rectified immediately, put forward rectification opinions and requirements, and urge the rectification within a specified time.It is understood that in order to ensure the safety and stability of customers’ electricity consumption, the company has carried out regular visits to important customers and big customers since late March.Take the initiative to master customers’ demand for electricity, carry out field visits to customers’ power distribution rooms and other power consumption places, comprehensively analyze and comb out weak links and existing problems in power consumption safety management, listen to customers’ opinions on power supply service, power supply guarantee, electricity price policy and other aspects, and timely solve customers’ electricity consumption problems.At the same time to carry out safe use of electricity publicity to customers, and combined with the actual situation of customers and recent planning, operating conditions, put ourselves in the position of customers to put forward reasonable use of electricity, saving electricity, safe use of electricity suggestions.Up to now, we have visited 7 enterprises and important users in total, and helped customers eliminate 3 security risks.Through the recent major customer visits, the customer’s sense of access to electricity and happiness have been greatly enhanced. Meanwhile, the customer’s electricity information has been effectively mastered, which has laid a foundation for the company to welcome the peak of summer and improved the good relationship between the company and customers.In the next step, the company will continue to promote visits to key customers, carefully analyze customers’ opinions and suggestions, optimize the business environment with practical actions, and effectively play the role of “power pioneer” to promote local economic development.Gansu Wuwei Liangzhou Power Supply Company author: Wang Long