Japanese TV changed the name of a reporter selling badges to “Yidundun” on air.

2022-05-23 0 By

The atmosphere of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is becoming more and more high, and many foreign athletes and staff members have been surrounded by fans after coming to China.One of the most interesting is a Japanese dispatch reporter who is a big fan of the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot Bing Dwen Dwen.A local TV host made fun of him for buying too many bing Dwen dwen badges and it went viral.The dispatch reporter, Named Yoshido Tsujioka, was also very happy to learn that he was on China’s hottest search.In interviews with Chinese media, he gave his name as Yidundwen.Yitang bingdwen is not only a hot topic in China, but also a hot topic among Japanese people.Many Japanese netizens said, “The excitement in the studio changed immediately after the debut of Yitang,” adding, “The yitang of the Beijing Winter Olympics is my daily joy.””Yitang has become Yidundun, which is a bridge of Friendship between China and Japan.”