Kang Tai lai supervised and investigated key agricultural and rural work in Maiji district

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New Tianshui news according to mai ji district media center news (reporter Yao Miao) On March 14, Mai Ji district party secretary Kang Tailai in-depth part of the township supervision survey of the current agricultural and rural key work.District leaders Wang Ming, Li Chunyan, an Wei, Zhang Cheng, Tian Qiang, Wang Jinxiao together supervised the investigation.Kang Tai-lai and his delegation went to Dangchuan town and Maiji Town successively. They had a detailed understanding of key work such as the cultivation of characteristic industries, rural construction and river governance by means of on-site inspection and reporting, and put forward guidance opinions on the spot.In the summer strawberry base of dangchuan Town poverty alleviation Industrial Park, Kang Tailai inspected the construction of seedling greenhouses, strawberry planting and sales.He stressed that we should scientifically plan and build seedling greenhouses, make full use of modern equipment and reduce planting costs;On the premise of epidemic prevention and control, we should plan publicity as early as possible, seize the opportunity to sell strawberry well, broaden sales channels and increase sales revenue.We should encourage surrounding farmers to change their agricultural production methods, improve the management level of intensive farming, realize high-quality and efficient development of agriculture, and increase farmers’ incomes.In sichuan town flower temple village, KTS to emphasize, insist on the planning as the key to the implementation of the rural construction action gripper, focus on the future development trend, the whole domain as a whole, because the village ShiCe, follow the rules of rural development, draw lessons from advanced experience of practice, production, life and ecology system planning for the village space layout, cogent accomplish clear development direction, clarity, and pragmatic.We need to be problem-oriented and goal-oriented, focus on time, reverse construction schedule and conduct wall chart operations to ensure that rural development tasks are completed in both quality and quantity.We need to carry out intensive efforts to improve the rural living environment, focus on solving the problems of “dirty, chaotic and poor” rural areas, and continue to improve the rural living environment.We should give full play to our ecological and industrial strengths, revitalize rural resources, energize reform, foster and expand industries to enrich the people, and further consolidate the industrial foundation for rural revitalization.We need to strengthen supervision and inspection, tighten responsibility for rural development, and ensure that all tasks in rural development are implemented and effective.In Hongya village, Maiji Town, Kang Tailai stressed that the rural cultural square is an important place for the masses to relax and enjoy entertainment. To upgrade and transform it is in line with the interests of the masses. It is also an important measure to improve the appearance level of the village and the living environment, and an important starting point to improve the happiness index of the masses.Publicity and guidance should be thoroughly carried out, and the public should be actively guided to support and participate in the promotion and transformation of the cultural square by showing effect pictures and other ways to ensure the smooth development of the cultural square.To optimize the design, the square function zoning reasonable layout, to ensure that meet the differentiated needs of the masses.On the premise of ensuring the quality of the project, we should pay close attention to the time limit, speed up the progress of the project construction, strictly implement the responsibility system for safe production, and ensure civilized and safe construction.District party committee office, ecological environment branch, poverty alleviation company, Dangchuan town, Maiji town main responsible person to participate in the supervision and investigation.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn