A 4.3-magnitude earthquake was felt in Songyuan, Jilin province, early in the morning

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A 4.3-magnitude earthquake jolted Ningjiang district of Songyuan City, Northeast China’s Jilin Province at 2:44 am On March 16, with a depth of 10 kilometers and an epicenter at 45.25 degrees north latitude and 124.75 degrees east longitude, according to the China Earthquake Networks.Felt strongly, Harbin and matsubara felt the aftershock, netizens have said, the net friend home surveillance video images recorded the flog, net friend said, “it was particularly strong, the bed to shake the car, which lasted for five or six seconds”, “the voice was too obvious, first heard voices rumbled, then felt the aftershock, this sounds scary”.It is reported that the earthquake within 5 kilometers of the surrounding villages have united Village, Xilanghe village, Tuchengzi, Fuxing village, Houshan Tun, Dongwa Tun, Houxi Lang River, 20 kilometers of towns and villages have Bodu township, Maodu station town, Dawa Town, New Urban and rural areas, Daliba township, Pingfeng township, new miao town, Xinmin township, Shanyou town.The epicentre was 8 km away from Ningjiang District, 16 km away from Qianguo Rose Mongolian Autonomous County, 39 km away from Heilongjiang Zhaoyuan County, 46 km away from Da ‘an City, 62 km away from Gan ‘an County, 13 km away from Songyuan City and 158 km away from Changchun city.According to the China Earthquake Network speed report catalog, in the past five years, there have been 27 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or above within 200 kilometers of the epicenter. The largest earthquake was a magnitude 5.7 earthquake in Ningjiang District of Songyuan City in Jilin province on May 28, 2018 (4 kilometers away from the epicenter).Before the earthquake on March 15, citizens in Jilin Songyuan, Siping and other places found a large number of birds hovering in the sky, black and heavy, citizens were frightened.The earthquake occurred in the early hours of the morning, and a netizen posted his own surveillance video of the moment of the earthquake. The house shook violently for five or six seconds, the netizen said, “The earthquake felt so strong that the bed seemed to shake like a car, and there was a sound in the corridor.”Other netizens also said felt strongly, “mom and dad were shaking woke up, it’s on the second floor, because traffic control, the village didn’t run”, “the voice was too obvious, first heard voices rumbled, then felt the aftershock, this sounds very scary,” “mobile phone earthquake warning, shout woke up and my eyes you’ll find yourself in the shaking, that kind of sense of fear”.Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wang Kaihui comprehensive report