Caring for the city and people, balancing innovation and feelings, The Spring Festival Gala in Beijing sets a new benchmark

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With the theme of “Spring Together”, the Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala is closely related to the pulse of The Times and the positioning of the capital, telling the story of China and Beijing in the new era.| jiang wen to nonyl tiger) on the first day of the year, television is still busy, Beijing station during the Spring Festival gala as a provincial radio and television gala first brand, once again demonstrated the strong popular appeal and emotional appeal, the party think of opportunely touch and feelings are accurate in content creation to audiences, triggered heated debate in on the first day, arouse resonance.Cool cloud data show that as of press time, Beijing SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala national live attention firmly ranked the first SATELLITE TV;Top of all star channels.From the winter Olympics themed songs and dances and skits to the joy and excitement of the whole people welcoming the Winter Olympics to the reunion of ambassadors from many countries,Mutual learning pattern of the international field of vision and civilization communication, from the three generations of literary and art workers moved from interpretation of inheritance, to the “happy twist” beltran actor in words in those days full of feelings, station first Spring Festival gala researched, and the social life, depict the period of true feelings, picture, show the people who live in the city of Beijing real plain life,Moreover, the attention and care for each individual are permeated to reflect the unique cultural charm, tolerance and atmosphere of Beijing.The integration and balance of multiple gala elements of The Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala has reached a mature level, with characteristics of The Times and realistic texture, social and humanistic care, innovation and sense of technology, family and youth, appreciation and aesthetic value.In line with the pulse of The Times, praising spring and reflecting current events and drawing a new picture of social life, Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala has always paid attention to the melody and spirit of The Times, in the festive tone of the continuous innovation of television artistic expression, express the feelings of the country, spread positive energy.This year, with the theme of “Spring Together”, the Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala is also closely related to the pulse of The Times and the positioning of the capital, telling the story of China and Beijing in the new era.2022 is a crucial year for China and Beijing to embark on a new journey.The 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Beijing, and the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held…These nodes great significance on events are organic station first Spring Festival gala content creation, song and dance show, language programs, special link with the big background to form strong echo, with people of diverse cultural and artistic appeal to a form, as grand meteorological new era new journey, and Beijing the city’s unique cultural style and spiritual power.According to its director Qin Zheng, the gala should create “a hymn to spring and the city”. At the beginning of the New Year, when spring is full of vitality and everything is reviving, the gala should not only show the celebration and harmony of the old year and the New Year, but also reflect the responsibility of the capital and sing the praises of Beijing to The Times.The theme “Together for Spring” also conveys love and hope for people to start again with confidence after a long period of COVID-19.The key tasks of Beijing 2022, such as the Grand Winter Olympics, epidemic prevention and control, improving people’s livelihood, urban governance and expanding opening-up, are mostly reflected in the gala.Many programs based on the theme of The Times have won the full house and become the shining presence of Beijing TV to reflect the mission of mainstream media.Ambassador to China of the Argentine Republic, Ambassador to China of Mongolia and his wife, ambassador to China of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and his wife gathered together to talk about a bright future, which vividly illustrated the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind and demonstrated the sense of responsibility as a major country.At the same time, ambassadors gathered together to look ahead to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, expressing the combination of the Olympic spirit and the mission of cooperative development.As the most important international comprehensive sports event in 2022, the Winter Olympics has attracted much attention.As the host city, Beijing also planned and designed a number of themed programs to pay tribute to the Winter Olympics and show the charm of “the City of Both Olympics”.Song and dance “together to the future” “salute warriors” dynamic, sing the enthusiasm of the whole people to participate in the Winter Olympics;The sketch “Winter Olympics family” to the atmosphere of the whole city to welcome the Winter Olympics as the background, staged a full of human touch and full of Beijing comedy, represented by Zhang Chenguang, Yang Shulin and Li Xueqin in the dialogue between the differences between the north and the South, reflects the people of the whole country to welcome the event, “together to the future” affection and strength.In addition, with epidemic prevention as the background, a number of programs are rooted in People’s Daily life, depicting a warm picture of people actively facing life and helping each other in the new era as the capital coordinates epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.”Peanut farmer” Gu Bing station first Spring Festival gala tailor-made essays “warm snow”, based on real events, humor to express fully shows the epidemic prevention and control under the normalized capital of the people, helping and love each other, positive and optimistic, “isolation separated love”, surrounded by atmosphere of warmth and up, hope song rings, experience over the past year the outbreak of the audience are moved by;The sketch, “Where is the Taste of New Year”, reproduces people’s exploration of “taste of New Year” under the call of actively responding to the New Year in place, and also reflects the unique “taste of New Year” of people in different generations under the change of times and lifestyles, arousing the intergenerational memories and collective resonance of the Spring Festival of different generations.Song and dance show beautiful atmosphere, full of passion, all show period flavor, language programs concerned about hot spots of the people’s livelihood, grounding, the punchline, Beijing news this year Spring Festival gala of creative visual festival evening party of aesthetics return, the thick feelings and the festive atmosphere of Spring Festival gala is embodied in place, to look back and hope for the audience, the enrichment of social values and positive energy to many people.Beijing flavour beauty, concerned about the livelihood of the people to grasp emotional greatest common divisor release humanistic feelings For many years, the Beijing news gala had already formed the unique brand characteristics, including the big beautiful quality unremitting pursuit and keep innovation is the creation of traditional, more have to focus on the cultural charm of the city, and genuine concern for each little people in the city.This makes the Spring Festival Gala unique. The continuous exploration of beijing-style themes and the reflection of each living individual’s fate and emotion have resulted in a series of excellent works that are “down-to-earth, steaming and popular”.This year, there are also many Beijing elements in the Gala. The gala not only focuses on the people who grow up and live in the city, responding to their demand for emotional resonance window, but also focuses on the people who struggle in Beijing, expressing the relationship and emotion between people and the city from multiple perspectives.Liang Tian, Yang Lixin, Liu Jinshan and Tu Honggang composed of the “Beijing Men” group brought a Beijing flavor full of “looking for happiness”, four people comfortable singing, the song is full of thousands of sail to make their own easy and free attitude towards life, remembering Hou Yaowen, Niu Zhenhua, Xie Yuan these friends, is full of feelings.”I’m Doing well in Beijing” tells a story about a group of young people working hard and building hope together in Beijing. It reflects the positive living state of contemporary urban youth in a comedy way, and also reflects the achievements and tolerance of Beijing to the dreams of ordinary people.The song and dance show “Make the World More Beautiful” by Yang Ying, A Yunga and Jin Shengquan shows the cultural confidence of a big country to the world by the way of float parade, showing the internationalization and fashion style of Beijing’s commitment to build a world-class new landmark of cultural tourism.Li Qin, Xu Weizhou brought “Gong Xi Fa CAI”, showing the capital temple fair bustling to welcome the happy atmosphere of the New Year.As the national cultural center, Beijing’s unique high-quality art education resources and artistic troupe resources are also displayed in the Beijing Television Spring Festival Gala.This year, mahua Funage, Tian Hua and the graduating students, as well as the crew of Changjin Lake’s Watergate Bridge, are invited to the Beijing Spring Festival Gala.The cultural name card and label of “See Beijing drama” has become more and more popular among people. Mahua Funage, which has already formed its own unique comedy style and successfully created a cultural hot spot in Beijing, is an important force among them.The main performers of Mahua Funage shen Teng, Ma Li, Alan and Chang Yuan gathered together for the first time on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, expressing their deep cultivation and persistence in the field of comedy in the past 20 years.The song and dance “Big Drama Watching Beijing” brings together 13 top art troupes in Beijing, showcases the achievements of Beijing’s cultural construction in a comprehensive way, and shows the power of Beijing as a cultural center to the whole country.Long Live Youth, which caused a big shock on the Internet during its broadcast, takes the 2022 graduating class meeting of the Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama as the background, and launches an intergenerational dialogue between “millennials” and film performance artist Tian Hua.Tian hua, who was 22 when she shot The White-haired Girl, was the same age as these graduates. Now, at the age of 93, she revisited campus memories with young alumni and recited Long Live Youth. Although several generations have passed between them, their time-traveling dialogues fully displayed the spirit of inheritance of film and television industry and the spirit of artists of different generations.Countless audiences were moved by this link, and also felt the profound feelings and youthful features of artists and artists.There is also a touching moment in the evening, which is also a typical representative of the Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala.It has always been a tradition of the Beijing Spring Festival Gala to tell the stories of the little people and to reflect and care for the joys and sorrows of all groups.In addition to skits expressing the sincere feelings of ordinary people, the song and dance “Springtime of Our Lives” also brings to the screen people with disabilities and ordinary people from all walks of life who need warmth.The performers of this program are quite special. Sixteen young dancers and two visually impaired children from the China Disabled Persons Art Troupe presented a special spring to the audience. The video picture on the big screen is the strange “spring impression” in the minds of blind children, which is colorful and extremely warm.Through this performance, the Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala conveys the value proposition that every dream is worthy of protection and every life is worthy of respect. It also calls for people to pay attention to and care for the disabled in a special way and contributes to the Beijing Winter Paralympics, which will open on March 4.This is not only a show full of warm care for the disabled, but also a short film of ordinary people.There are role models in the fields of medicine, teaching and research. There are drivers, couriers, sanitation workers, firefighters, police officers, just like everyone around us.Passed the red scarf, bearing the greet peace time mortals particularly warm, like the song “the light”, everyone is a light in the life, station first Spring Festival gala in the day of gathering particularly for the ordinary people from all walks of life to send blessings, warmth and love, also highlights the connotation of the whole society advocating dedication.Indispensable Beijing flavour with earthly fireworks, let Beijing news gala festival atmosphere more thick, and concerns about people’s emotions, feelings, and has formed unique station first day television gala, stance lofty “to the spring” air express, precise look for greatest common divisor of social emotions, create the empathy, the feelings of Beijing news gala and pattern further sublimation.Assignment of subject frontier, visual innovation, science and technology can balance the young and the traditional building safeguard “Beijing evening” plain and innovation, and highlighting the youth state, in the Beijing news gala tonal grasp more sophisticated, the content of various kinds of program creation can juggle gala must watch the scene, can also be integrated into the pioneer, cutting-edge technology, creative trend,The organic integration of traditional culture and fashion expression forms the “Jingwan” style with equal emphasis on massiness and vitality.Language programs are all selected from the lives of ordinary people, through different perspectives to observe the various aspects of life, with dense packaging art processing into a variety of funny wonderful sketches.The social issues involved are very diverse, among which there are some hot topics that young people are most concerned about. Big “Sugar” Hearthearters innovatively implanting a new concept of “meta-universe”, combining realistic techniques with soft science fiction, reflecting the popular topic of “appearance anxiety” among urban youth.The expression form of “Sweet Trouble” is also full of creativity, breaking through the traditional form, with “four sides” to show the interaction between parents in a family of four and their growing children in various periods, while the topic focuses on the two-child family, still full of the atmosphere of The Times.So many People in the World, led by Song Xiaobao, is a crossover group of comedians, film actors and talk show stars to discuss and think about love and values in the new era.On the basis of creating the New Year atmosphere, this year’s Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala breaks through the tradition and provides stronger texture and more new ideas.The stage design takes “panoramic immersion” as the core highlight, realizing 720° three-dimensional immersion experience in space. The large screen covering the stage expands the display space of dynamic vision, and the visual effect of the whole Spring Festival Gala presents changeable and dreamy.The sense of science and technology is fully reflected in the song and dance programs of Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala. Many programs introduce the latest technology in visual expression to enrich the artistic conception and enhance the immersive watching experience.In CAI Xukun’s song “Mountains and Rivers Are Safe in My Chest”, the big screen is based on the dynamic digital scroll and 3d model, which is based on the National treasure level cultural relics painting scroll “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” collected by the Palace Museum. It is a magnificent interpretation of Traditional Chinese culture with digital technology innovation.Zhou Shen’s “You Look Delicious” jumps out of the constraints of the stage, uses the motion capture technology of 3D animation, and shoots with MOCO technology. It personalizes the food materials, forming an innovative expression of the music program with strong visual impact and fun.The multi-dimensional stage show “Xinghe Dreams”, performed by Liu Yu and su Xiaomei, a digital virtual human, interprets the mixing of new technologies, Chinese customs and popular concepts in the meta-universe. Virtual characters, virtual world and real world map and interact, leading the audience into a dream world with unique Chinese customs.The “Flower Heart” by Wang Ou, Guan Xiaotong and Fu Jing is adapted from classic songs, and the arrangement is quite new. The party combines AR virtual beauty vision to present a different style of the three beauties wandering in the “Flower road”. This program is not only an exquisite runway show, but also implies a wonderful and happy journey.In the process of innovation, the brand characteristics of Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala have become increasingly distinct.Era theme, home to the feelings as the foundation, the maximum digging people warmth and light of life, combined with the feature of the capital Beijing’s unique culture and the humanities landscape, transfer the mood and atmosphere of the Spring Festival gala needed in place, so as to realize with the ordinary audience emotional TongPinGongZhen, station first Spring Festival gala can continue to leading the provincial satellite TV gala is easy to understand.