Changsha has entered a period of forbidden fireworks and firecrackers, do not put “open the door”!

2022-05-24 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday is over, and many shops are opening their doors one after another. Judging from previous years, some citizens still have a complex of setting off “opening guns” for the sake of good luck.Changsha public security here to remind you: At present, Changsha has entered the prohibition of fireworks and firecrackers period, do not put “open the door gun”!According to the Circular of Changsha Municipal People’s Government on The Prohibition and Restriction of Setting off fireworks in central City, the urban area enclosed by the South Third Ring Road, West third Ring Road, North Third Ring Road, Zhongqing Road, Xingsha Link Road, Binhu Road and Huangxing Avenue is the restricted setting off fireworks area.In restricted discharge areas, from the 24th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar to the sixth day of the first month of the next year and the Lantern Festival, the discharge time is 6:00 am to 24:00 am (including 6:00 am to 1:00 am on New Year’s Eve).Fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited at other times.Those who set off fireworks in places and time periods where they are prohibited or restricted shall be punished by public security organs in accordance with relevant provisions.It is understood that the 7th to the 9th day, always is to return to work and production enterprises, shops opening concentrated period, illegal firecrackers during that time, easy to appear “open gun”, changsha will organize the municipal emergency administration of public security, city urban management enforcement bureau, municipal traffic transport departments adopt the method of observe investigations, on an illegal fireworks downtown behavior to carry out the centralized supervision.At the same time, according to “grasp side streets, villages and towns party committee government and functional departments, scratching line, the village two committees in point” of work pattern, the Forbidden City in the city centre limited to the scope of put inspections of grid, and fully launch streets, community work personnel to strengthen patrol unattended for key areas in the city, fight the occurrence of the phenomenon of illegal fireworks.The changsha public Security bureau called on fireworks to produce a large number of particles and harmful gases, noise pollution, fire and other accidents, and seriously affect the city’s environment and air quality.Hope that the majority of businesses, consciously resist and reject the discharge of “open gun”, choose a civilized, environmental protection of the new way to welcome a good start.At the same time, also hope that the majority of citizens actively report to the public security organs around illegal sales, storage, transportation, setting off fireworks and firecrackers illegal behavior, jointly create a safe, civilized, environmental protection of the living environment, keep the beautiful “Changsha blue”!Source: Changsha Police