Scenic spots in Chengdu have a strong taste of the New Year

2022-05-24 0 By

Cover news reporter Li Taoran Taurus out of the cold wind, white tiger spring beaming.Against the backdrop of regular epidemic prevention and control, many families have chosen not to travel far from home.As of 17:00 PM on February 3, four days before the Spring Festival holiday, 695 AJ scenic spots included in the statistics in Sichuan received a total of 11.4490 million tourists, a total increase of 12.35% compared with 2021.This year, the “tide” wind is blowing in chengdu’s major scenic spots, and the immersive National Tide Festival is being staged.As night falls, there are already many tourists in Chengdu Happy Valley waiting for a large-scale intangible cultural heritage performance in Sunshine Harbor — Fiery Dragon and Steel Flower.With the sound of noisy gongs and drums, the blacksmiths strive to beat the molten iron fired in advance into the air, and the molten iron turns into splashes of steel everywhere, like stars all over the sky, dazzling and lighting up the night sky of Chengdu.Sure-footed dragon dancers are waving fire-breathing dragons in this “molten iron meteor” running prance, up and down whirl.The tourists were shocked by the magnificent scene of “people dancing in the dragon, dragons flying in the fire” and feasted their eyes.When the traditional culture adds trendy elements, it is both inherited and carried forward.Chengdu Happy Valley focuses on the Spring Festival with the theme of “National tide”. All kinds of performances retain the charm of traditional culture, but also add fashion trend elements, bringing the older generation to revisit their childhood memories, and let children feel the difference of the current Spring Festival.When the music sounded, Lion Feilong came to the scene with hip hop steps. Every time he rotated and jumped, he stepped on the rhythm point, which made the children laugh and many old people clapped their hands.There are sichuan opera face-changing, fire-breathing and knife swallowing, quyi juggling and other performances, the Taste of the New Year directly pull full.In bashu love area staged large special effects live drama “Zhuzhuang ding”, whether from the background story, or props and clothing, are highly restored to reproduce the scene, but also skilled performers, so that the audience immersive, all eyes laughing, the performance will randomly pull the audience interactive participation.At chengdu’s Haichang Polar Ocean Park, a limited show called “Underwater Dragon Dance” is on display.Divers dive into the underwater world infested by sharks such as sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks and blacktip sharks, and dance the glittering “dragon body”.It is understood that the submarine dragon dance is different from the land dragon dance. The whole dragon dance is carried out entirely on the bottom of the shark pool. Divers have to overcome the pressure and buoyancy of the bottom of the sea and try their best to dance the whole dragon body.Such a breathtaking and fantastic underwater dragon dance performance, so that the visitors were amazed, have applauded.In addition, after the underwater dragon dance performance, a “underwater red envelope rain” made the tourists on the spot seething.The “god of wealth” opened a huge red envelope wall to appear in the water, the scene of tourists have picked up mobile phones, sweep code grab New Year red envelopes, the happy atmosphere was ignited again.According to the staff, the red envelope link is set up in the hope that tourists will be rich and full of energy in the New Year.The underwater Dragon dance performance is only performed from the first to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, only one performance per day, the performance time is 13:30.Spring Festival not out of sichuan, also can enjoy playing!Citizens can fully experience the immersive Chinese culture feast nearby.