The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology sent a letter of thanks!Xi ‘an economic development Zone this enterprise has been affirmed by many units

2022-05-24 0 By

Recently, Tianlong Technology, an enterprise in Xi ‘an Economic and Development Zone, received a letter of thanks from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Equipment Industry Division I).The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology expressed its gratitude to Tianlong Technology for always putting people’s life safety and health first, actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and effectively ensuring the supply of medical equipment for epidemic prevention and control in all regions of the country, and encouraged Tianlong Technology to make new and greater contributions to winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, Tianlong Technology has rapidly expanded production and stepped up production around the clock, effectively ensuring the supply of nucleic acid testing materials for the global response to COVID-19.On the other hand, Tianlong Science and Technology responded quickly, sending hundreds of professionals with hundreds of Tianlong equipment and supporting reagents to assist in the starry night, quickly set up a number of temporary laboratories, greatly improving the local nucleic acid detection capacity, and contributing to the final control of the epidemic.Previously, tianlong technology under the State Council has repeatedly received new crown zone spreading mechanism, the national centers for disease control and prevention, the shaanxi provincial ministry hall, the thank-you notes and testimonials as Slovakia’s government, and other units, in tianlong technology positive response to a call, go to great lengths to ensure supplies nucleic acid detection, and quickly gathered nucleic acid testing team and equipment,He expressed sincere thanks for successfully completing the local epidemic support tasks for many times, and fully recognized the contribution and efforts made by Tianlong Technology in the prevention and control of COVID-19.(Letters of thanks from The State Council and the National CDC)