The correct way to open Lantern Festival, OnexPlayer to accompany you to Lantern Festival

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The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Traditional folk activities include appreciating lanterns, eating glutinous rice balls, guessing lantern riddles and setting off fireworks.In addition, the Lantern Festival in many places also added a dragon lantern parade, lion dance, walking on stilts, land boat rowing, yangko dance, beating drums and other traditional folk performances.The Lantern Festival is also known as the last day of the Spring Festival, but the holiday has already come to an end, and people are ready to face the challenges of the New Year.How to celebrate the Lantern Festival?Why don’t you play with the OnexPlayer Mini?Different regions have different ways to celebrate the Festival. For professionals, playing OnexPlayer Mini after work is also a good way to celebrate.Intel 11 Generation Core I7-1195 G7 brings strong power, let you in the game like a tiger with wings, enjoy the joy of victory!28W full health open!OnexPlayer Mini startup default 15W, in this state you can play online games or AAA masterpiece, of course, you can also choose to adjust to 28W, full state, get more smooth game experience.Lying, standing, sitting, lying……Don’t stand on formalities. Play as comfortable as you like!With the desktop or traditional game this game can only sit, but with the small and portable OnexPlayer mini, you don’t have to be so rigid, lying down to play, sit to play, lie down to play……Play as you please!Tired of playing console mode?It is better to use OnexPlayer Mini equipped with dual USB-C 4.0 interface connected with thunder docking and large screen display, enjoy the pleasure of the handheld into a host to play!This Lantern Festival, enjoy my moment with OnexPlayer Mini at any time