You “retrograde” rushed to help me send dumplings, look at the city streets west Xian village two-way

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Although the epidemic is still going on, people are no longer afraid or confused, and the front-line workers are working with the public to form a strong force to fight the epidemic.With sincere feelings, the villagers of Xixiandu Village, Laixi City, sent dumplings made by themselves to the frontline anti-epidemic personnel, cheering for the front-line anti-epidemic team in a unique way. Countless warm streams continue to gather, and we believe that we will surely usher in the spring when the epidemic will disperse.On March 13, wang Meilian, Fu Junsheng, Fu Guanchao, Liu Yu and other enthusiastic villagers in Xixiandu village spontaneously sent warmth to the law enforcement team members who had been on duty at the checkpoint after learning that they had been fighting on the front line of the fight against the epidemic for several days, sometimes even without a few bites to eat.”The ans see these law enforcement team members busy up when even the mouth hot rice can not eat, the ans nothing busy can help, just thinking about package some dumplings for you to eat, I hope you don’t abandon the line!”Wang Meilian, a warm-hearted villager, said earnestly.At about 5 o ‘clock in the evening, the warm-hearted villagers who had been busy at home for a whole day brought steaming dumplings to captain Li Xinmin of Wangcheng Squadron and his team members, expressing their gratitude to them.”We were deeply moved by the villagers’ thanks and the warm dumplings warmed our hearts.It is because of these heart-warming actions that we are confident that we will overcome the difficulties and overcome the epidemic.”City comprehensive law enforcement bureau wangcheng law enforcement squadron Li Xinmin captain said.