Spray bridge stack kiss, gull song spring

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Qingdao qianhai Trestle 01 poem poem “tour before the coast” text | ink wonderful spray bridge stack kiss, gull song playing spring.Don’t feel its jun township, visitors drunk Yue Zhen.Qingdao Qianhai 02 poem interpretation <A & gt;The waves touched the trestle and made waves.<2 & gt;The seagulls spread their wings and cried.<Three & gt;People who live there for a long time cannot feel the beauty of a place.<Four & gt;All the tourists who come here are enchanted by the beautiful scenery.The gulls at the beach in Qingdao.Qingdao qianhai along a magnificent scene, the sun is shining, the water is clear, seagulls flying, green pine on the embankment, the architecture is fantastic.Jubilant tourists stopped to watch.The trestle stood in the front sea, the waves kept embracing, and the waves beat the trestle.Gulls fly merrily to welcome the spring.The locals take pride in seeing the tourists intoxicated by the beautiful scenery.The poem “The Seashore before you Visit” is a five-word quatrains with a smooth water rhyme, a concise hymn.Vividly described the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao before the sea trestle scene.The sky is bright, the sea is blue, the waves are rough, the seagulls are flying, the speed boat is riding the wind and waves.The waves embraced the rocks and swarmed the trestle.The sound of seagulls with the sound of waves with the sea breeze resounded in the air, playing the prelude of spring.It describes the happy scene of people living in this beautiful city.It concretely describes the local people living for a long time can not feel its novelty, all the people who have been intoxicated by the scene.The first two lines allude to the festive scene of tourists welcoming the Spring Festival, crowding around each other in a jubilant mood, with laughter and exclamations floating in the wind.The last two sentences implied that people should actively expand their horizons, rich experience, more contact with new things, experience different environments, to sublimate themselves.There are many more implications for friends to ponder.Qingdao pictures by mo Miao photography.This poem is written by Mo Miao. Thank you for your appreciation and attention.Tang poetry culture 50 books 169 yuan to buy columns