1-1!Djerko the Savior!The serie A leaders are almost level, losing four points from two games and hanging by a thread at the top

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Serie A leaders Inter milan clash with Napoli in the 25th round of serie A on Sunday.In the first half, Di Lorenzo kicks wide, Osmaine makes points, insigne penalty kicks.Zielinski hit the post with a long-range shot, Osmayne shot wide from a tight Angle and Dzeko’s header was cleared by the keeper.Dzeko equalised in the second half with a volley and Osmaine’s volley was saved by the keeper.Finally, Inter milan 1-1 Napoli.Inter lost two games and lost five points in two games, leaving the top spot in jeopardy.Competition for the crown pattern white hot.Inter are only two points ahead of milan and can go top with a win over Sampdoria.Early in the game, Perisic’s cross from near the left byline flew to the right of the penalty area. Varela followed up and swept the ball into the middle, only for no teammate to be in position to wrap in a shot.Three minutes later, Dilorenzo received an inverted triangular backpass at the top of the penalty area and fired a long shot just wide of the right post.Then Osmayne was knocked down in the box and the referee awarded a penalty, which Insigne took and he blasted home.Napoli got off to a dream start when they scored after just six minutes.The 10th minute, Zelinski in the penalty area at the top of the arc received a teammate’s back pass, directly from the foot pocket shot, the ball hit the left post out of the bottom line, is a close call.In the 26th minute, Osmayne caught the ball in the penalty area, turned and shot wide.Two minutes later, Insigne volleyed a side-hook shot from the middle of the penalty area, but it flew away.In the 36th minute, Dzeko’s header from inside the penalty area was too well headed and the goalkeeper held the ball firmly.At half-time, Inter were 1-0 down.Shortly after the second half, Inter scored!Dzeko fired like a cannonball from near the bottom of the penalty area.The shot was so incomprehensible, so angular and so fast that the keeper couldn’t save it.The two sides returned to the same starting line.In the 53rd minute, osmaine took the ball, ran into the box and fired a volley into the near corner, which the keeper saved.Three minutes later, Perisic advanced, received a long pass and sent in a cross. Coulibaly was the first to clear the line.The 68 th minute, Elmas shot by Handanovic magic save.In the 77th minute, Insigne dribbled the ball to the front of the area, and his own long-range shot was deflected towards the goal, but handanovic saved it.Finally, Inter milan 1-1 Napoli.For more exciting content, follow football Dog