Bath “snow” fight for 10 hours, only to guard the lights of thousands of families

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Rednet moment Huaihua February 11 news (correspondent Huang Jingqiong) “tree barriers have all been cleared up, the line to restore power supply.”February 9, state grid Yuanling County power supply company Wusu power supply completed 10 kv Luoheping line 117 to 140 rods of obstacles and fault repair operations, it is 1:20 in the morning.Under the influence of the third round of heavy snow, the mountains, fields, houses and roads in Yuanling County have been covered with white snow, and the power grid in some alpine mountains has been seriously affected.Most of the 10 kv Nookuping line is built along the road and along the mountain.Many moso bamboos on the mountain were toppled by heavy snow, causing power lines along the mountain and affecting power supply to villagers in the area.As the emergency vehicles could not reach the scene, the emergency repair personnel had to walk along the patrol, snow has been up to the ankle, to the emergency repair work brought a great challenge.Rush repair personnel carrying tools, with the help of a spade deep foot shallow foot in the cold and slippery snow, goose feather like snow and icy wind aggressive, rush repair personnel race against time to carry out rush repair work.All over the mountains and fields of snow, is everyone’s favorite scenery, but rush repair personnel are not interested in appreciation, but along the rapid progress of a pole a pole patrol, found the trees and bamboo on the line, they will carry the firewood knife to clear.Along the way, the crews squeaked under the deep snow, which shook off their collars and sometimes slid down their necks when they touched the trees.In this way, they patrol while cutting, for 10 kv luoheping line section by section patrol, section by section clean up.Time passed, imperceptibly it was more than 6 PM, it was getting dark down, already hungry and cold emergency repair personnel took out their own bread and other dry food, ate a simple dinner, they rely on the snow to continue to step for the line cut green obstacles……At 1:20 am on February 10, with close cooperation, all bamboo barriers on the 10 kV Luoheping line were felled in place, 11 faults were found and treated, and power supply was restored successfully.After more than ten hours of continuous operation in the wilderness, the emergency repair staff Song Mousan saw the electricity finally returned to normal, did not care about the snow and ice weather emergency repair pain and tired, happy smile said:”Providing good electricity service is the responsibility and mission of the work. Although we have been busy for so long, we are exhausted, but when we heard the shining praise from the mountain people from the heart, we felt our efforts and efforts have been recognized, and the fatigue has gone most of the time. People’s electricity industry is for the people!”The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original