“Soul” overlord pill and tooth god grudge source, Wang Hu by the Chinese demon concubine fan, for the disaster side

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We’ve heard a lot about The Showrunner before, but do you know where it all came from?In the “Soul” series that we have been exposed to, the story is relatively small, only the opening screen and the ending screen, and the game album has part of the background of the characters and the main plot explanation.But for the players, that’s not enough.SNK, perhaps with this in mind, released an RPG in 1997 called “Shin-Say Samurai: Bushido Chronicles.”It’s 97, and it’s not that far away from True Servant, Servant 3, and Servant 4.As a result, players who were able to access the game in the late ’90s were fortunate enough to have a comprehensive understanding of the story and even to be able to tell the story beyond the Spirit of the Servant in front of their classmates, becoming the envy of all players.In fact, many years ago, we had to detect, SNK seems to be in addition to the shooter and grapple game, do other games are not so good, which was outsourcing “samurai” RPG is let a person feel full of sincerity, not only will the character’s story is good, but also can transform character \ RPG game of skill, good feeling.In the two scripts of “The Coming of evil Day chapter” and “the Wailed Chapter of demon Flower”, the corresponding two bosses are Respectively Amkuso Shiro Shi Zhen and Luo Jiangshen, and the BOSS hidden behind them is Diablo God:In the Abbroshaa game we meet many old acquaintances from the Spirit Of The Squire games and even visit their hometowns to ask for their legends and stories.”Evil day coming chapter” process is relatively short, it is about the resurrection of tiancao after the vision, and the process of the soldiers to destroy him;The essence of the game is “the chapter of the Wailing of the demon Flower”, which revolves around the Lord Luo and the seven evil copper doors.The game can choose more characters, overlord pills, tooth magic Ten Lang, orange right Beijing, Galford, Na Ke Lulu, Cham Cham.The process for each of the main characters is similar, and only in the opening credits, each of them has their own storyline.Why does the tooth god phantom Juro hate overlord pill so much?Those who can become students of the Academy are all selected.When the god of teeth was worshipped by Hezhong, hezhong had already discerned a little darkness in his heart, but at the same time, he had also discovered the goodness that he deliberately hid, and finally decided to bring him into his family.Bawang Pill is liu Sheng ten bing Wei personally pushed to he Zhong accepted the apprentice.The shi Brothers’ affection is very good, but never superficial.The tooth god always appears when overlord Pill is in danger.That day, the grass sneaked into the training ground, and found overlord Pills.After his resurrection, he sensed the rising star Of Overlord Maru and decided to take him under his wing and share the power of darkness.Tooth magic ten lang heard the grass outside the door to overlord pill invitation, immediately rushed out said: “your eyes have a problem?Don’t you see my strength?”Only to be ridiculed mercilessly by the grass, your little scum power is useless to me.Gas tooth magic ten lang on the spot, the result was a move to stun.Day grass and zhong found that he had noticed the phalanzas, so immediately slipped away, before leaving also advised wang Wan to consider it.This is from here, the tooth god magic Ten lang began to envy overlord pills, but two people are not what life and death enemies.We still go drinking together in between fights.And the zhong side has not given up the tooth magic Ten lang, that he will always go back to the right way, and the final outcome as he expected.Is the strength of Hezhong and Hei Zi really the ceiling of “Soul”?In the Spirit RPG, Kazuhiro mentioned that when he was young, he was defeated by the god Of The time.It was only reluctantly sealed when the sunspots joined forces.He Zhong belongs to the Flower Irony Academy, and there is another corresponding faction in the game: ghost Irony Academy.It is Yin and Yang shi old family they chose however and luo will be in cajole with god, still help demon thing through art law even.Finally by the main characters of the nest end.In the “demon flower wailing chapter”, and zhong as a senior for the protagonists to guide the maze, and in the evil copper duo first appeared in time, for the protagonists to destroy the evil copper duo time.At the beginning of the game there was a extreme BOSS: ah, this is a monster fighting capacity is not the current leading team can bear.And zhong in the challenge after a few discovery, its ability is not small, in order to fight for the time, and zhong choice and monster a together by petrified.However, the seven evil copper duo were suddenly called by shui Ji flew to the world, trying to absorb more human despair, fear and resentment.Before the final battle, the protagonists have gained enough strength to fight against demons after a long period of practice.In the face of the last evil tongdor, BOSS in order to gain more power, will be petrified by hezhong magic object, together with hezhong summon over.When the petrified seal was broken, He was freed, and the two creatures merged into a terrifying two-headed troll.Why do Wang Hu and Wang Lung make people panic?All the time, Wang Hu and Wang Lung are heroes in the hearts of the people.At the same time, they were only the guardians of the city of Beijing. However, one day, the two brothers suddenly changed their character and became cruel and unmerciful. They captured a large number of civilians.Even the shops and pharmacies were empty and there was no one to buy anything. When the leading team arrived here, they found that Wang Hu and Wang Lung were not at home.Think of a way to blend into the palace after the discovery of two brothers have been controlled, it seems only to let them sober up.In the version we played, Wang Lung never appeared.Here in order to restore the two weapon forms of the King Tiger, specially designed a brother, the weapons used are swords and stone pillars respectively.After defeating the two brothers, Wang Hu finally woke up, but Wang Lung was not awake anyway, there was no way to defeat him again.Wang Hu stops Wang Lung and sends the party to find some demon concubines, using the body of one of the Chinese emperor’s concubines whose soul had been sacrificed to the evil tongdor.She was probably based on suldaji the nine-tailed fox!After defeating her, Wang Lung also returned to normal.Like the above content of friends remember to pay attention to oh!Later xiaobian will update more secrets of the game, I hope you can recall the classic game at the same time, find the taste of youth.We used to want to buy a console when we grew up.But when it’s all said and done, we realize we’ve lost our best, most carefree moments.As we stare at the dusty gaming equipment at home, we are always thoughtful.It seems that in addition to feeling youth, there is no extra thoughts.