Tieling Hafu F7 car discount 15,000 yuan, welcome to visit appreciation

2022-05-27 0 By

Just xiaobian in the car friends circle to see a lot of friends are discussing the hafu F7 car purchase discount 15,000 yuan, so attractive price range, want to buy a car friends don’t consider the opportunity to win?Tieling Xingxin Yuan HAfu 4S shop, activity time from now to February 11, the opportunity is rare, not to be missed,Let yourself spend less money to buy the car promotion time in 2022 02 11 to 2022 02 11 Hafo F7 latest quotation model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price preferential range tieling quotation 1.5T two drive I dazzle 126,800 yuan 11,800 yuan 1.5TTwo drive I show 118,800 yuan 115,500 yuan 96,800 yuan 1.5T two drive I cool 119,800 yuan 115,500 yuan 104,800 yuan 1.5T two drive I tide 137,800 yuan 115,800 yuan 122,800 yuan 1.5T two drive I type 131,800 yuan 115,500 yuan 116,800 yuan 2.0tTwo drive I move 137,800 yuan 15,500 yuan 122,800 yuan 2.0T two drive I fan 143,800 yuan 15,500 yuan 128,800 yuan 2.0T four drive I Yue 151,800 yuan 15,500 yuan 136,800 yuan