In 2021, we will continue to strengthen village-level project supervision by employing small-scale craftsmen

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“In Wanjing Village, 25 groups of laogishang road rocks were washed down by heavy rain, and the villagers all walked around.”Xianlin street quickly started the “small craftsmen” bidding process, in 10 days successfully completed the road rocky rush repair project, the road restored smooth, won the village people praise.The picture shows the special performance of “Small craftsmen” and “Practical operation Evaluation”.Small craftsmen for engineering construction projects (hereinafter referred to as “small craftsman”), refers to the individual engaged in simple small project construction artisans, craftsmen of standardized management team included in the scope of access, can be evaluated integratedly, within the prescribed limits on the implementation of village within the scope of the technical requirements is not high and the quality and safety risk smaller small engineering construction projects,That is, small construction projects with estimated contract price of more than 30,000 yuan (inclusive) and less than 300,000 yuan (exclusive) for village (community) level contracts, and estimated contract price of more than 100,000 yuan (inclusive) and less than 300,000 yuan (exclusive) for town (street) level contracts.”Small projects” are connected with “big people’s livelihood”.Small village projects with estimated contract prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan have many advantages such as fewer links, fast construction, short time and low cost. It seems to be irrelevant, but it is directly related to people’s lives and other vital interests.However, with the continuous growth of the number of small engineering construction projects, the seemingly insignificant “fly meat” has hidden the situation of high risk of clean government.The picture shows that renhe Street held the “Small-scale artisans” star rating meeting to explore the “small-scale artisans” star rating mechanism.To compress the space of irregularities, eliminate irregularities soil, purify the market environment, small engineering yuhang district commission for discipline inspection area supervisor committee established “offline supervision” + “online assessment” linkage mechanism, by urging area traffic do lead on a regular basis to carry out the “offline” joint business supervision, after the implementation of small engineering irregularities exist in the process of enterprise, artisans,Timely input into the evaluation module of the system, as an important evaluation parameter of the “access and exit mechanism”, through the “good faith bidding”, select the construction enterprises and craftsmen with high technology, low cost and good service, to ensure the quality of the project and the safety of funds.Take good measures according to local conditions, not sticking to one pattern.With different resources and different situations, the whole region has either integrated resources or found a new way to strengthen supervision and standardize supervision.Yuhang street will be a small engineering standardization management as the important content of the construction of the incorruptible village, for 22 villages craftsmen oriented small village in the bidding project, introducing formed by the villagers’ group leader, the party members’ representatives, members of the supervisory work junction, the functions such as parties “folk supervision team,” to the “quality of the project” and “off” production safety;Renhe Street actively explored the star rating mechanism of “small craftsmen”, innovated the reform and application of “direct outsourcing to craftsmen” policy, formulated and issued yuhang Renhe Street star Rating Method of “Small Craftsmen” (Trial), and effectively eliminated a number of poor craftsmen to make up the number through “selecting the best”, so as to realize the selection of the best among the best.Mass participation in supervision is always an important way to ensure clean engineering.Yuhang district commission for discipline inspection area supervisor committee supervision team role, give full play to the supervisory junction and folk to promote supervision situation and the engineering source documents on the village (community), supervisory contact “burn out”, and through the WeChat public, farmers channel such as nails, mobile phone short message released in time, ensure the right to know of the broad masses, participation and supervision.Over the past year, according to the requirements of the provincial digital reform deployment, Yuhang District has completed the automatic collection and cleaning of more than 10 million data such as “small craftsmen” database information and project bid-winning information, realizing the classification query and keyword search of 15 kinds of data such as the announcement of project bid-winning, realizing the digital supervision of small projects.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: