“Daily ask” outdoor fire protection under what circumstances can only set up outdoor fire pool and water intake?

2022-05-30 0 By

For single or multiple buildings, if outdoor fire protection cannot meet the requirements of two water sources, a fire protection pool shall be built.If only outdoor fire pool and water intake are set up (the water intake meets the protection radius of 150m), no outdoor temporary high pressure system is set up, is it ok?A: the fire pool conform to the requirements of the article “water gauge elimination 4.3.7, intake number (a water inlet flow rate by 10 ~ 15 l/S) satisfy the design discharge of the outdoor fire cock, and intake from fire up field, fire pump adapter is not more than 40 m, can no longer set outdoor temporary high pressure system, but suggest that municipal feed line set at least one outdoor fire hydrant.The answer to this question is from guangzhou construction engineering fire design, review difficult questions (internal training draft)