In the new era, why do we need xiangjiang Lecture Hall?

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Our Party has always attached great importance to the study of the whole Party, especially leading cadres, which is a successful experience to promote the development of the Party and the people’s cause.On the afternoon of February 10th, the first xiangjiang Lecture Hall was held in the party School of The Provincial Party Committee.Hunan Daily all media reporter Tang Jun photo on February 10, “Xiangjiang Lecture hall” in Changsha first, the teaching object for provincial leaders and provincial leading cadres to study and implement the spirit of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th CPC special reading class students.This lecture hall, where all the students are “key minority”, has been on the front page of the provincial media and “circle of friends” of Hunan people in the past two days.Xiang companion also wants to talk with you: in the new era, why do we need “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall”?Make good use of the “weapon of learning” “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall” is an important position to enhance skills from the revolutionary war era to the period of peace construction, and then to the new period of reform and opening up, whenever encounter new fields and new topics, the Party should call on the whole party comrades to strengthen learning.At present, the impact of the pandemic is accelerating the evolution of century-old changes, and the external environment is becoming more complex, grim and uncertain.Faced with numerous tests on the way forward, how can we overcome difficulties, risks and challenges from all sides?General Secretary Xi Jinping has told us that the only way to do this is to strengthen our own capabilities.To enhance skills, we need to strengthen our study. We should not only apply the knowledge we have learned to practice, but also increase our new problem-solving skills in practice.To build a prosperous, strong, civilized, democratic, harmonious and beautiful new socialist modern Hunan, we need to grasp the overall situation of reform, development and stability, and do a good job in all aspects of the work, and put forward new and higher requirements for us, especially the “key minority” skills.On our new journey, as the situation and tasks continue to evolve, we are bound to experience inadaptation and fear of our skills. In some cases, we cannot apply new methods, old methods do not work, hard methods do not dare to use them, and soft methods do not work.Some cadres have a strong will to do their job well, but when faced with new situations and problems, they find it difficult to break away from path dependence and set thinking because they do not know the rules, do not know the way, lack knowledge and skills. As a result, they work very hard, but things go against their wishes.To solve these problems, we need to use the “weapon of learning” and enhance our skills.The provincial party committee opened the “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall” for the first time in the beginning of the New Year, in order to strengthen the ability to use the party’s innovation theory to “target” the construction of modern new Hunan by systematic and in-depth re-study of xi Jinping’s socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, which has been tested by practice.Live learning xi new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics of high-end lecture hall, the party committee (party) theory study group focusing on major realistic problem to strengthen the academic discussion of important positions, strengthening the training of cadres education innovation in engineering of hunan province, using weapon of “learning”, serves the development of the provincial party committee set up the meaning of “xiangjiang lecture hall”.Often do “thought gymnastics” “Xiangjiang Lecture hall” is an innovative project “for learning, solid in practice.To carry out theoretical study, you need to adhere to the unity of knowledge, belief and practice, and achieve mastery of learning, thinking and application.In the first “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall”, the discussion on “How to see and do tax work in Hunan” and the analysis on “how to promote the high quality development of Hunan economy from the perspective of statistics” are both raising questions and planning for the future.Tax revenue is the “barometer” of the economy, and statistical big data can reflect the development status quo.It can provide analysis basis for the optimization and adjustment of the industrial structure and industrial chain of the whole province to find out the highlights and deficiencies of the economic development of one province and one region from the tax data and statistical data.The selection of taxation and statistics as the first content of “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall” is an arrangement made by the provincial Party Committee with the overall situation in mind, and a strong signal that the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government “do their best to develop the economy, the biggest practical matter”.Such courses not only adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, but also identify the focus of development in light of reality. They highlight the combination of study and practice, and focus on enlightening students. Solid work is the common foothold.Learning what to do and making up for what is lacking can help improve the knowledge and professional level of leading cadres, help the “key minority” better master the necessary knowledge to do a good job in leadership and fulfill their post responsibilities, and truly become expert and expert leaders.At the same time, the students come from different places, different departments and different work fields, and their knowledge accumulation and experience accumulation as well as personal and political experience are also different. “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall” also provides a good environment for everyone to communicate and learn from each other.Of course, the effect of learning will ultimately be tested by new responsibilities and new actions.After listening to the lecture hall, the students have said, want to often do “gymnastics” thinking, learning, practice reinforced bear responsibility in the enlightenment, and so in the discussion of implementation, to transform the learning to cope with the challenge of risk, to promote the development of enterprise management ability and the level of job, strive for the first step in doing year, meet new atmosphere.To learn to win the future “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall” is to promote high-quality development of the trumpet, “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall” will also be around the hunan urgent need to solve major practical issues on a regular basis for systematic discussion and exchange.”Xiangjiang Lecture Hall” in principle every two months held 1 period, mainly for leading cadres, will focus on theoretical learning, party spirit education, high-quality development, ability improvement, situation and policy content, to take the main speaker, vice speaker, comments and other forms of launch.With the continuous opening of “Xiangjiang Lecture Hall”, the courses will be constantly optimized and upgraded, and its ideological, practical, professional and interactive nature will be constantly enhanced. It will become an important platform for the “key minority” in hunan to normalize “charging”, and will set off a new wave of learning in Hunan.Many students think that the regular opening of “Xiangjiang Lecture hall” will promote and guide everyone to develop constant learning, often learning good habits, in the party cadres to form a strong learning atmosphere.A little more study, a little more thinking, a little less meaningless entertainment, a little less formalism, this is also an important part of changing the style of work.Every little makes a mickle, every little bit makes a mickle, every little step makes a thousand miles, the normal learning “quantitative change” will surely accumulate into valuable “qualitative change”.Chinese Communists rely on learning to get to where they are today, and they will certainly rely on learning to win the future.”Xiangjiang lecture Hall” has been issued to urge the horn.Keeping pace with The Times, walking with truth, having purer faith and clearer direction, Hunan’s high-quality development will have deeper and more lasting power.