Liu Hongwei lawyer in the river’s lake in three words

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In li Xuejian, Zhang Zhang starred in the TV series “young shuai” there is a wonderful line of dialogue: young shuai Zhang Xueliang (Zhang Zhang) “I don’t care what is the river’s lake”?General Zhang Zuolin (Played by Li Xuejian) : “Rivers and lakes are not fighting and killing, rivers and lakes are worldly wisdom.”In the social arena, the fickleness of the world is to keep your eyes open and your ears open.The water is too deep and the wind is too strong, so there is no strength to speak less: in the field of work and diplomacy, you should know that strength decides everything, money, power, appearance level, talent…, everything is secretly compete, that is to say, on the river’s lake and who is just like the Olympic Games than higher, further and stronger, you can’t be in the statesmen, entrepreneurs, education science gush medicine sports law higher-ups in front, because you are selling cabbage shoeshine, this is the voice, jianghu also points in high and low the low-grade different cultural circles,Different circles define different rivers and lakes (rivers and lakes have multiple extended meanings in Chinese culture.The original meaning of rivers and lakes refers to vast rivers and lakes, which later derived the meaning of “the world” and has nothing to do with rivers and lakes.Later, it also refers to the social environment in ancient times that did not accept authority control, command and legal constraints.Therefore, the word jianghu gradually evolved into a more multifaceted or specific term.Status. If you don’t know these things, you’ll be out of business.Two this friend that friend this friendship friendship that friendship is not as good as RMB: this sentence is the law of all lakes and lakes, you do not take the friend relationship too seriously, make friends with wine and meat do not make fair-weather friends, the essence of friend relationship is contractual relationship or interest exchange relationship, as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said:As a Chinese saying goes, “There are no permanent friends or enemies in the world, but only permanent interests.” Relations between countries and individuals are the same. Only those who link their careers are the best friends.Therefore, RMB is the best stage and beautiful medium for interpersonal communication.Push: three wall all the wisdom of buying the winners remember you at the perfect moment must be a kind of traffic, and push you if the victim must be wall all, in the process of river is the superior slightly tide, love spell will win, if you are not recovered and pay for energy, that is your friend won’t mix with you.