Major in forestry engineering

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Forestry Engineering undergraduate majors include forest chemical products, wood Science and Engineering, and forest engineering.1, forest chemical industry professional mainly cultivate solid chemical industry, chemical industry, such as the basic theory and basic knowledge, professional master, which is mainly composed of forest chemical processing and biological chemical processing and utilization of plant resources of basic principle and engineering technology, mainly forest chemical chemical engineering design, technical development, consulting services, production and operation management, teaching and scientific research of senior engineering and technical personnel.2. The major of Wood Science and Engineering has three directions: material engineering, wood industrial Equipment and Process automation, and wood structure construction engineering.3. The forest Engineering major cultivates senior engineering and technical personnel for the survey, design, construction and management of forest road and bridge engineering and civil engineering.Forest engineering mainly studies the basic knowledge and skills of engineering mechanics, mechanical application, civil engineering, environmental science and sustainable development of forest resources, and carries out the construction, protection, development and utilization of forest resources.For example: rational forest: research on cutting methods, planning and design of forest roads and Bridges, prevention and control of forest road freezing injury, production and manufacture of forest products such as flooring and furniture, etc.Extension information: China’s forestry I ride the latest professional university rankings: 1, 2 of northeast forestry university, nanjing forestry university, southwest forestry university 3 4 5, central south forestry university of science and technology, Beijing forestry university, 6, 7, 8 of Inner Mongolia agricultural university, fujian agriculture and forestry university in anhui agricultural university, 9, 10 northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology, zhejiang university of agriculture and forestry