Qingdao Hi baby water park closed closed shop consumers return cards without doors

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Letter network On February 18 (reporter Gu Qingqing) “bought 2850 yuan /35 times of swimming card, only used 7 times Qingdao Hi baby water park closed shop.”Recently, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, reported to xinnet that he had applied for a swimming card for his children in Qingdao Hi baby Water Park, No. 16, Chaoyang Road, Qingdao. In late January, the store closed its doors for renovation and upgrading, and did not return the stored value card to consumers.The reporter from Qingdao city jimo road market supervision and management to understand, at present industrial and commercial already put on record, and interviewed the operator, suggest consumer sues to the court or alarm to recover the balance of storage value card.The store closed its store after using the card seven times out of 35 times. Last year, we had promotions to recharge our stored value cards, but in January this year, we ran away with the money.Mr. Zhang, a citizen, said he bought a 2,850 yuan /35 times bathing card for his child at Qingdao Hi Baby Water Park last year because he was close to home. He has used the card seven times since it was opened to January this year.During the Spring Festival, he wanted to take his children to Qingdao Hi baby water park swimming, but did not expect the store door closed, the door also posted a closed notice.”The notice said the store would be closed due to the expiration of the lease and that members could contact the store’s customer service to refund the card.”(Qingdao Hi baby water Park closed shop source: xin Net reporter Gu Qingqing photo) The sudden closure of the shop, let Mr. Zhang unprepared.”I contacted the store’s wechat customer service and sent the amount of the stored value card to the customer service, but the park still didn’t refund the fee until February 17, and I couldn’t be reached.”Mr. Zhang said, like him to recharge the Hi baby water park stored value card members there are many, they have reported to the industry and commerce.On February 17, xinwang came to Qingdao Hi baby Water Park, no. 16 chaoyang Road, and saw that the door of the store was closed. Indeed, a notice of closure was pasted on the door, as well as a notice of subleasing the store by a real estate agent in the 21st century.From the gate, the reporter saw the internal wall has been broken, placed on the ground with a lot of decoration materials.(Qingdao Hi baby water Park store ground has a lot of decoration materialsSponsored by a reporter Gu Qing green perturbation) closed shop is not a house lease contract according to the closed shop informed, letter see Qingdao said hi honey water park because house lease contract to store closed, but the letter understands from the 21st century real estate, the former tenant is Qingdao hi honey water park boss didn’t and the landlord the rent due.”According to what we learned with the landlord,” the former tenant had signed a five-year lease with the landlord, and had two years left before the lease expired.”That is to say, Qingdao Hi baby water park is not because the lease contract expired to close the shop, but there is another secret.Later, xinwang called the person in charge of Qingdao Hi Baby Water Park, but the phone has been in the state of no answer.According to the closure announcement, the reporter added the wechat customer service account of Hi Baby Water Park, which is responsible for the refund of the stored value card, to the wechat account, but it has not been approved by The 18th.Qingdao Hi baby water Park registered company for Qingdao Hi baby Maternal and infant Care Co., LTD., the scope of business includes housekeeping services (excluding job introduction);Wholesale, retail: maternal and child products (excluding food, drugs), washing supplies, daily provisions, sporting goods, clothing shoes and hats, accessories;Domestic education information consultation (excluding for-profit private schools, training institutions and childcare institutions);Planning of domestic cultural and art exchange activities;Conference and Exhibition services;To carry out business activities in accordance with the Public Health License.(For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments).It is worth mentioning that the reporter saw on January 7 that the company in Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce shibei Branch carried out a simple cancellation, the simple cancellation application has not been passed, is still in progress.Xinnet from Qingdao Jimo Road market supervision and management institute to understand, currently for a number of consumers reflected in Qingdao Hi baby water park can not return the stored value card issue, the market supervision department has been registered, the case is under investigation.”We had an interview with the operator before, but the operator did not come to the store and advised consumers to Sue the court or report to the police to recover the stored value card balance.”